Thursday, November 11, 2010

Christian Dior Minaudiere holiday collection 2010

I read a few reviews on Christian Dior Minaudiere from the various blogs such as Andy Lee, this Dior clutch palette is a must have item for most ladies..

Finally, I bought it in November 2010 at BHG Bugis Junction at S$100 with $5 off if you use BHG S$50 cash voucher. It is pricey tho...but I'm glad I got it:).

Shu-Uemura - Abracadabra Fantasy Holiday Collection 2010

This is Shu-Uemura's latest Christmas Holiday Collection 2010!!!

Love the word "Abracadabra", its a magical spell which can transform a 'new you', as read from the website..

(check out or for full information of this lovely collection♥)

What can I say... the design and packaging are indeed colourful and lovely, and you simply can't resist it IF you like the girly colours and cute characters created by Ms Aya Takano ^^

I've bought a few items of the collection as follow:
  • "Reindeer Kiss xxxx palette" - S$125

~ Three pressed eye shadows (*in crystal blue, silver, light green), one cream color for eyeliner (*in dark brown), one cream highlight (*in beige) and blush (*in pink)

  • "Bowwow! magic queen palette" - S$125

~ Three pressed eye shadows (*in gold, silver and bronze), one cream color for eyeliner (*in dark green), one cream highlight (*in juicy orange) and blush (*in peach)

  • "Peace and harmony mini brush set" - S$125
    ~ One lip brush, one shader brush, one tapered blending brush, one powder/blush brush in a triangle shape brush case. (Note: triangle shape represents 'harmony'^^)
(* sourced from Shu-Uemura Hong Kong website)

In Singapore...
With purchase of above certain amounts at Shu-Uemura store, you will be entitled to a free gift set as follow:
  • Above S$150 - A gift box with a note book, pencil, balancing cleansing oil (skin purifier) in 50 ml and whitening lotion (white recovery EX+) in 50ml

  • Above S$180 - A gift box with a makeup pouch, whitening lotion (white recovery EX+) in 50ml and cleansing beauty oil (skin purifier) in 50ml
I know its pricey but its worth the money as those eye palettes and brushes are made in Japan (except for the brush case), hence 100% satisfaction guarantee, in my opinion .../^_*\

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sunny Saturday

Having a cup of nice milk tea and enjoying this lazy Sunny Saturday :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fall in love ~ ♥ sang by Olivia Ong


Darling I want you (亲爱的我需要你)
而我像迷路的孩子般 不知所措

I’m just a woman
Fall in love (我只是个深陷情网的女子)

If my wishes can be true (倘若愿望能够实现)
Will you change my sighs? (你能带走我的叹息吗?)
To roses, whiter roses, decorate them for you?
I’ve been thinking about you every night (每个夜晚我想念着你)
And found out where I am (并且找寻我身在何处)
I’m not living in your heart (然而我并不住在你的心里)

Darling I need you (亲爱的我需要你)
周末的日子 总是特别的想你

I’m just a woman
Fall in love

Darling, you love me (亲爱的 请爱我吧)

I’m just a woman
Fall in love
I’m just a woman
Fall in love