Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy Holidays Beauty Sets by Lancôme

Lancôme has just launched its wide range of Happy Holidays Beauty Sets this month!  Based on the leaflets which sent to me as a Lancome member , it offers different holidays themes that suit your needs!

This is the only beauty set that caught my eyes! However, I must spend at least S$120 purchase in order to get this set at S$105 :(.

This beauty set comprises 16 pieces of Lancome products (mix of sample size and full size) as follow:
- Bi-facil 125ml
- Maqui Miracle Liquid Foundation PO-03 5ml
- Genifique Yeux Light-Pearl 5ml - Genifique Eye 5ml
- Visionnaire Serum 7ml
- Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara
- UV Expert BB Complete Shade 1 30ml
- Colour Design Golden Frenzy Palette
- Blush Subtil Rose 20
- Mini L'absolue Rouge 363
- Mini L'absolue Nu 365
- Mini Color Fever Gloss 321
- Tresor In Love EDP 5ml
- Mini Crayon Kohl
- 3pc Brush Set with elegant pouch
- Gold Champagne vanity case

Rouge Deluxe picked up her Lancome beauty set at CHF99.90 (S$130) from her local store and her version is without any minimum spending. 

Other beauty sets are:

Rouge In Love lipstick set (S$105): Rouge In Love 132M, Rouge In Love 353B, Rouge In Love 272N and Makeup Pouch

Hynose Doll Eyes Mascara Set (S$50): Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara, Bi-Facil 30ml and Genifique Yeux Light-Pearl 5ml
La Vie Est Belle Fragrance Set (S$145) New Fragrance: La Vie Est Belle EDP 50ml and La Vie Est Belle Purse Spray 10ml

Each set comprises fragrance in 30ml, body lotion 50ml and shower gel 50ml

Genifique Prestige Set (S$170): Genifique serum 50ml, Genifique mask, Genifique Yeux Light-Pearl 5ml, Genifique Eye 5ml and Genifique Serum 7ml

Visionnaire Prestige Set (S$180): Visionnaire Cosmetic Water Very Moist 15ml, Serum 50ml, Genifique Serum 7ml, Visionnaire Cream 15ml and Visionnaire Polishing Pad

Renergie Prestige Set (S$145): Renergie Multi-lift Cream 50ml, Night Cream 15ml, Serum 10ml and Genifique Serum 7ml

UV Expert Prestige Set (S$80): UV Expert BB Complete Shade 1 30ml, Blanc Expert Derm-Crytal 7ml, Blanc Expert Spot Eraser 10ml and Genifique Serum 7ml

Derm-Crystal Prestige Set (S$175): Blanc Expert Beauty Lotion Very Moist 50ml, Blanc Expert Derm-Crystal 30ml, Blanc Expert Spot Eraser 10ml, Genifique Serum 7ml and Blanc Expert Night Cream 15ml

Hydrazen Prestige Set (S$98): Hydrazen Neocalm Cream 50ml, Hydrazen Neocalm Lotion 50ml, Hydrazen Neocalm Night Cream 15ml and Genifique Serum 7ml

From Left: Absolute Precious Cells Day Cream and Eye Cream Set at S$460,
Absolute Precious Cells Eye Set at S$170

Absolute Precious Cells Prestige Set at S$570

For your information, Metro Singapore is currently having a Lancome Happy Holidays Event from 26 October to 2 November 2012 at Paragon, Atrium.  

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day ahead^^!

ampm skincare review

From left to right: Skin Ecological Complex, Super Hydra Skin Wakeup Pack
I received two samples of ampm products when I ordered the Naruko Narcissus skincare set. Just a quick headup, ampm is under the umbrella of Naruko Brand. It is specifically formulated for office ladies (or OL) who work in air-conditioned office and work in a stressful environment. So hydration and destress are the focus. It suits all skin types.

Ampm super hydra skin wakeup pack (15g)

The hydra skin wakeup pack is a moisturizing cold mask that can be used every day. It has the following effects:

● It strengthens hydration and provides the skin with intensive replenishment and maintenance of moisture;
● It relieves dry skin, desquamation, etc.;
● It repairs keratin and restores skin’s health;
●It prevents aging and diminishes the appearance of lines due to dryness;
●It aids in the rejuvenation of the skin;
●It makes the skin healthier and maintains moisture balance;
●It leaves the skin watery and supple while strengthening its health;
●It soothes the skin, and
●It strengthens the skin defense.

This hydra wakeup pack is versatile as it can also be used a strongly hydrating sleeping mask at night.

Super hyra skin wakeup pack - in gel

The consistency of this wakeup pack reminds me of aloe Vera gel which helps to heal and soothe dryness of skin. Definitely great for hot summer time.

Super hyra skin wakeup pack- very cooling and absorption is pretty good
I love the cooling sensation when apply. It also did not leave any stickiness on my skin. I think the hydration result is better than the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. The Laneige sleeping packsomehow gave me the stickiness and created more oil sebum for my skin.

I also Iike the idea of re-touch up.  It can be used to touch up any dry patches after few hours in air conditioned space and even on the plane. It is also very handy which fits in my makeup pouch. I may get the full size when I use up my current skincare stash.

Ampm skin ecological complex (10ml)

It aims in self-repairing, anti-aging and reducing dullness. After few uses, I noticed that the luminosity of my skin had improved slightly, nothing more. Overall hydration is good. Will I get the full size? Maybe not as it is just a very normal moisturizer to me. (Note: I tried to find the product description from Naruko's offical Website Taiwan but not available, perhaps it has already discontinued?)

Skin ecological complex- This moisturizer is in liquid and very runny.
Thanks for reading and hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead:)

Monday, October 22, 2012

La Mer - The Oil Absorbing Tonic

Hi there, it's Monday and hope you are getting over the "Monday Blue Symptom" if you are working or studying. I'm off today so I have some free time to blog about La Mer product for you:)
La Mer's Oil Absorbing Toner contains mineral water and algae extracts

La Mer - The Oil Absorbing Tonic is a soothing tonic that revitalizes the skin and reduces excess sebum. It suits oily to combination skin like mine.

A product description of La Mer Oil Absorbing Toner:

"The Oil Absorbing Tonic is the vital transition between cleansing and treatment. Infused with colloidal mineral water, the topical benefits of this soothing tonic are readily apparent. La Mer's exclusive Deconstructed Waters™ within the tonic revitalize and enliven the skin with no signs of dehydration. Anti-irritants delivered through these negatively charged waters soothe and tone the skin, preparing it to readily receive the maximum benefits of skincare to follow. The Oil Absorbing Tonic, formulated for oily or problem skin, is infused with algae extracts to significantly reduce excess sebum that can lead to adult breakouts.

Shake gently to activate tonic. After cleansing, moisten a cotton pad and gently apply all over face and neck, dabbing in a gentle press and release motion. Repeat until cotton pad comes away clean."

I do not have acne prone skin but only excess oil sebum on my T zone and cheek area.  After few uses, it minimises the excess sebum on my T-zone but not completely.   Good thing about this toner is it does not over dry my skin. No harsh feeling too.    After few months of using, my pores appear to be more tighten. One thing about this toner is the "powerful" scent at first use. It smells like antiseptic or alcohol which not many ladies would like it.  However, do not worry too much because I find that the scent will slowly tone down after frequent uses.

My first concern of La Mer products is the price. I am not sure if the price justifies the special ingredients which La Mer claims.

La Mer is a luxurious skin care and hence it is costly. It is up to individual to judge whether this toner worths every penny given that other products with reasonable pricing and similar effects that can still achieve the same results for oily or acne skins. If you are not a cost conscious and truly believe in La Mer, then go for it! For me, I may repurchase this tonic again and continue exploring other La Mer products:)

Thanks for reading and have a good day ahead:)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Caudalie Cleansing Water

Hi there, it's weekend again!! Here I am, sharing products that I've used up recently.  I'll try to blog "Products I've Used Up" more frequently if my schedule permits, please bear with me :)

I've just used up Caudalie cleansing water (200ml) recently. Caudalie products (French brand) are mainly made of vine extracts and are free from parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, minerals oils,sodium laureth sulfate, animal ingredients and more.. It is very gentle on skin, leaving a cooling grape fruit scent on my skin. At least 3-4 cotton pads are required if use to remove makeup completely.  I find that Caudalie cleansing water also makes my skin look brighter.

Although the product says no rinsing is needed, in my view a minimal cleansing step should not be skipped. It suits all skin types, especially the most sensitive skin. You can get Caudalie at Sephora Singapore stores.

Thanks for reading and hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead:)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Clarins Double Serum - a complete age-control treatment

Honestly speaking, this is the first time I heard about double serum, i.e. two serum in one bottle, isn't it sound amazing?! Clarins has recently launched its new Double Serum in red bottle. It contains a combination of water-based and oil-based formulas, the unique [Hydric + Lipidic system] replicates the model of the dual nature of skin cells. It also ensures optimal absorption and reinforced efficacy.

The Double Serum focuses on the common aging problems that every woman faces nowadays. According to Clarins ( ), this Double Serum helps to revitalize the skin's five anti-aging functions as follows:

• HYDRATION for softness and comfort
• NUTRITION for suppleness and tone
• OXYGENATION for skin radiance & luminosity
• REGENERATION for firmness and elasticity
• PROTECTION for the prevention of fine lines and wrinkles

These are exactly what I need (*I screamed in my heart*)..

Because of the special ingredients as mentioned above and the concept of "double serum", Clarins claims to be more effective than their regular serum, which I totally agreed!

Thanks to Metro (a local department store in Singapore), I picked up my own bottle at $118 (with 20% off in credit voucher). It was a good deal to me. I also spent on additional Clarins item (Body Shaping Cream) in order to make the total exceeds $180 for a 5-piece gift.

I tested the texture on my right hand at the counter and noted that the double serum when mixed together, it took a while for it to fully absorb into my skin, leaving oiliness feel. The SA explained that I must warm up the serum on my palms then gently pat on my face ("using the Hada  Labo patting motion") . So she tested it on my left hand. Viola!! The serum had sinked into my skin well..

The serum is surrounded by the oil serum..

Apply directly without warming up the serum, the serum took 'ages' to absorb..

Waited for about 1 min, I can still feel the greasiness on the back of my hand, not to mention if it is on my face >.<
Tested on my left hand, with the warm up.  The serum absorbed really fast, lesser greasiness. :) 

Another worry in my mind - whether it suits oily or combination? Gladly, it suit all skin types:).

I have not used the serum yet (have to finish up the current serum first) and will definitely report back on how the Double Serum work for me:)

Thanks for reading and hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Naruko Pro Derma Series

Hi there it's September 2012!  Hope you have a wonderful day ahead... I'm motivated to write a review about Naruko products.

This review is long overdue as I was trying to gather my thoughts about some Naruko products which I have tried so far.

Naruko's Derma Pro Series
Naruko Derma Pro Series is designed for semi-matured skin.  It has special anti-wrinkle ingredients (“Peptide-6 and 8) and hyaluronic acid, vitamins and amino acids.  These ingredients help to prevent aging and smooth out fine lines.  I got the whole set at a package price of S$84.11 from Naruko Singapore Official Website last year.

1. Multi-peptide Firming Serum – 30ml

This serum is formulated with five potent peptides:
  • Peptide-3 work with collagen to repair the skin
  • Peptide-4 strengthens skin’s natural defense and slows aging
  • Peptide-5 firms and tightens skin, improving skin’s elasticity
  • Peptide-6 reduces and prevents fine lines around the eyes
  • Peptide-8 anti-wrinkle
When apply, it absorbs into my skin pretty well.  My skin felt more supple and hydrated.  I prefer this serum than the Narcissus serum (read my review Naruko Narcissus Review Part II ).  It is fragranceless so no funny smell at all.  As for the firming effect, I have not seen the result yet.  I have only used up one bottle so it is way too early to conclude if the firming effect is working.

The small bottle on left was a free sample that came with Derma Pro Series.  It is a fluid-gel type serum which helps to brighten and improve firmness of the skin.  Well, the consistency is identically the same as the Multi-peptide Firming Serum.  I did not see any brightening effect on my skin so far.  I would not recommend getting the brightening serum.  The Multi-peptide Firming Serum works way better than the brightening serum.

2.  Peptide Wrinkle Smooth Mask – 60g  

This clay mask aims at improving firming effects.  Formulated with peptide and hyaluronic acid, it helps to smooth fine lines, wrinkles and deeply moisture dry skin.  With regular use, collagen is promoted and the complexion glows with health, hydration and youth.
Sadly, I only used it once.  This mask did not work out for me.  At first use, it irritated my skin with redness showed up on my cheeks and chin area. I also exerienced slight itchiness as well  Luckily, it did not make my skin worsen.

My comment is always test the product on small part of your face to see if there is any irritation, eventhough the product says it suits all skin type.
3. Peptide hydrating Souffle – 50ml

This souffle provides immdiate effect to dry, aging skin.  It rapidly restores firmness, diminishes the visibe signs of aging and rejuvenates youthfulness to the skin.  Apply to skin twice daily after cleansing and toning, massage into skin with a slow upward motion until absorbed.

The texture is 'bouncy' like tofu and also rich in consistency.  However, I have to take ‘extra’ effort to scoop the product out and also extra time to make it fully absorb into my skin.  It dried pretty well leaving a slight stickiness feel to it.  So far no irritation noted.  Due its richness in consistency and hot and humid weather here, I can only use it sparingly.  I would not recommend this product to oily and combination skin type.

Thanks for reading and have a good weekend ahead!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ettusais Pore Care Lotion Dual Effect review

Ettusais Pore Care Lotion Dual Effect - 170ml retail price at S$40



This is an oil control moisturizer from the Pore Care Range.  It is oil free and non-comedogenic (i.e. it does not clog pores thereby minimizing skin breakouts).

This lotion helps to:
·        Control sebum production (less clogging on pores) and keeps skin hydrated; and
·        Pumps up skin to reduce the size of visible pores (sounds amazing huh?).

Put two to three drops on cotton pad and apply all over my face.  After applying, the lotion absorbs quickly into my skin, leaving slight cooling effect and matte finish on my face. 

After few hours, I noticed that my T-zone and cheek areas are less shiny after few hours (note: my pores are normally ‘flooded’ with oil sebum after few hours if I use other products).  The lotion gives the right moisture for my skin and my pore sizes are less visible when use (of course not dramatically).  Definitely thumbs up for its oil control ingredients and also hot and humid weather.  However, additional moisturizer may be required if you will be working in air-conditioner place most of the time. 

Thanks for reading and hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead :)!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

NARS Singapore - coming soon ^^

Oh my gosh, finally NARS will be making its debuts at CK Tangs counter in Singapore (tentatively in Nov or Dec)!!  Thanks to Andy Lee, a celebrity makeup artist in Singapore for the awesome news (read here Andy Lee's blog )

Here I’m sharing some NARS products that are in my makeup stash.

NARS Blush – Orgasm

I got this blush at NARS Hong Kong counter a few years ago. This is in peach pink with golden shimmer.

I personally not a fan of shimmery shade but I still picked this up as it is an iconic blush for NARS.  NARS Orgasm is highly pigmented so a very light handed application is required for a natural flush.

NARS Lipstick in Petit Monstre – Limited Edition

This is a nice berry with gold undertone to it.  It glides on smoothly on my lips, leaving a lustrous finish.  It also contains conditioners and antioxidant ingredients that can nourish and protect lips.  It is hydrating as the label says.

NARS Smudge proof eyeshadow base

This is my HG, especially if you have super oily eye lid like mine.  NARS eye primer keeps my eyeshadow stays longer and less creasing!  Thanks to Miso Jenny for sending it to me <3!  Now I can use it daily without worrying of running it out =) 

NARS Trio Eyeshadow – Calanque (Spring 2011 collection)

Liking the light caramel and soft bronze with glossy finish J.  Use it dry or wet.
I realized that I have too many neutral eyeshadow in my makeup stash.  The reason being they are easy to work with and work appropriate.  Special thanks to Cutie Fishball for the CP:)

Based on Temptalia’s review  (Temptalia's NARS Calanque review ), NARS Calanque has a mix of gold infused platinum with silver flecks, light matte caramel and rich antique bronze infused with gold. 

My favourite is the soft bronze shade as the colour is obviously pigmented.  However, it can get messy because of the fall out when apply. 

My last thought is only if the soft bronze and matte caramel be the bigger shades instead of the silver glitters.  What a waste…

Thanks for reading and have you good weekend J

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weekly photo challenge#11

Hi everyone, finally I have free time to blog! It's a long weekend in Singapore as the coming Monday is a Public Holiday^^

Here's my post on Yumeko's Weekly Photo Challenge #11 (in case you're new to my blog, please see my previous posts  here  and Yumeko's website here )

Yumeko's Weekly Photo Challenge #11 - Hey, how was your week?

1. Something you ate this week

Recently, I have been enjoying Mr Bean's Soya Pudding. It's sooo silky smooth and melt in you mouth effortlessly... Thumbs up!

And potato chips while watching the Olympic Games! Who can resist it??? I like Boulder Canyon potato chips for its all natural ingredients.

2. Something you bought this week

DSW shoes

Gripz shoes

Dressy clothings

I have a soft spot for flat shoes and low heels :) Picked up these shoes from DSW and Gripz. Both are local brands from Singapore. I like their chic and trendy designs! Each Gripz's shoe comes with a dust bag..aren't the pink look oh-so-gorgeous?


Bought the blazer and top at Dressy store. They are having 20% off for new arrival:)  

3. Something you wore this week

Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose - loving the mix of rose and vanilla scent.

NYX Eyeshadow (from left to right - Frosted flake, Slate, Iced Mocha) I wore iced mocha on my eye lid and frosted flake for the brow bone.

KATE blush - OR-1 - This orangy blush comes with a decent brush (click Kate cheek blush review for my review). This blush is versatile as the lighter shade can be used as highlights for cheek bone and face.

Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Waterproof - I will be doing a review soon.  Please drop by my blog if you are interested^^.

4. Something you read this week

Women's Weekly Mag (liking this page on how to get your foundation right) and some articles by Marc and Angel Hack Life  Most of their articles are about practical tips for every day life. 

5. Something that make you smile this week

(Latest Autumn 2012 collection from Les Merveilleuses de Ladurée Japan website)

* Thanks for reading and have a good weekend! *

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jill Stuart Mix Blush - Lantana Honey

Sharing a new item in my makeup stash - Jill Stuart Mix Blush in Lantana Honey, from the Summer 2012 collection.  It is a limited edition colour in warm pink. Sorry that I have not swatched it yet because it is just too pretty to use it!! (my apology >.<).

Here are some swatches Drivel about frivol JS mix blush swatches, she has detailed reviews of Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact.

Glossy box is coming to Singapore soon^^!!!

I have been reading beauty bloggers and Youtubers raving about glossybox, the good and the bad. Despite of those mix reviews, I'm still looking forward to Glossy Box. Thanks to Rouge Deluxe for the information! Glossy Box will be making its debut in Singapore soon!!!

You can check out their website here, Register your email with them to receive the first hand information:)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Yumeko's Friday Photo Meme - What's in your bag edition

Following my last post on Joining-yumeko-friday-photo-meme, here's the theme for this Friday Edition - What's in you bag!  Please visit Yumeko's Friday Photo Meme and join her now if you could!  Rouge Deluxe has also posted her "What's you bag edition" here Rouge Deluxe Friday Photo Meme.

1. Cellphone/mobile phone
Same as Yumeko, I take photos using my iphone so I can only show you the cover. I got this phone cover at a night market in Hong Kong last December, for around S$11.  I'm currently looking for a nice cover with reasonable price to replace this worn-out cover >.<

2. Wallet/purse/whatever you keep your money in

Another birthday gift from my colleagues - Mulberry Leather Wallet. In my opinion, it is kind of bigger than the usual wallet size but a smaller version of Mulberry's classic design bag :). I like the details inside and the compartment.

3. Something in your wallet (cards/coins/money/whatever)

I was comptemplating what items should I show :/   Ok, I decided to share this:) Receipts that I kept for last Friday purchase.

A random question, do you keep receipts in your wallet?  For me, I usually put the receipts in my wallet after making payment each time.  Just in case I need it for exhange purpose.  

4. Makeup you carry on the go
From left: Rose Velvet, Ginger Rose, Tea Rose
 I just cleared some items off my makeup pouch recently so these are what I kept in my bag, mainly lip products.

Revlon lipstick in Rose Velvet, Ginger Rose and NYX in Tea Rose.  I'm loving rosy shade as it matches my lip tone naturally..

5. Whatever else you wish to share from your bag

Sharing stuff that I always keep when switching to another bag:

* Hand products - Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme, Naruko hand cream - very useful 'cos my hands get dry in air-conditioned office.
* Sample size Estee Lauder Sensuous
* Paul & Joe mirror and oil clear film - I love using this oil clear film from Japan.  Each film is peach scented, making it so pleasant to use, and last but not least...
* Hansaplast! 
Hope you enjoy my post and see you soon in my next post:)