Saturday, September 29, 2012

Clarins Double Serum - a complete age-control treatment

Honestly speaking, this is the first time I heard about double serum, i.e. two serum in one bottle, isn't it sound amazing?! Clarins has recently launched its new Double Serum in red bottle. It contains a combination of water-based and oil-based formulas, the unique [Hydric + Lipidic system] replicates the model of the dual nature of skin cells. It also ensures optimal absorption and reinforced efficacy.

The Double Serum focuses on the common aging problems that every woman faces nowadays. According to Clarins ( ), this Double Serum helps to revitalize the skin's five anti-aging functions as follows:

• HYDRATION for softness and comfort
• NUTRITION for suppleness and tone
• OXYGENATION for skin radiance & luminosity
• REGENERATION for firmness and elasticity
• PROTECTION for the prevention of fine lines and wrinkles

These are exactly what I need (*I screamed in my heart*)..

Because of the special ingredients as mentioned above and the concept of "double serum", Clarins claims to be more effective than their regular serum, which I totally agreed!

Thanks to Metro (a local department store in Singapore), I picked up my own bottle at $118 (with 20% off in credit voucher). It was a good deal to me. I also spent on additional Clarins item (Body Shaping Cream) in order to make the total exceeds $180 for a 5-piece gift.

I tested the texture on my right hand at the counter and noted that the double serum when mixed together, it took a while for it to fully absorb into my skin, leaving oiliness feel. The SA explained that I must warm up the serum on my palms then gently pat on my face ("using the Hada  Labo patting motion") . So she tested it on my left hand. Viola!! The serum had sinked into my skin well..

The serum is surrounded by the oil serum..

Apply directly without warming up the serum, the serum took 'ages' to absorb..

Waited for about 1 min, I can still feel the greasiness on the back of my hand, not to mention if it is on my face >.<
Tested on my left hand, with the warm up.  The serum absorbed really fast, lesser greasiness. :) 

Another worry in my mind - whether it suits oily or combination? Gladly, it suit all skin types:).

I have not used the serum yet (have to finish up the current serum first) and will definitely report back on how the Double Serum work for me:)

Thanks for reading and hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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