Tuesday, February 14, 2012

♥Happy Valentine's Day♥

Hi there:) A random post for the Valentine's Day...

I was browsing a few websites looking for a nice picture for this post, so I stumbled upon this website and picked this!
~ Picture from www.prince.com.sg - "20 super purple rose"~
 These roses are in purple, representing enchanted and love at first.  What a coincidence, Cutie Fishball was asking me today if I want to pick up Stila Love At First Blush (retailing at USD14), this blush is embossed with endearing hearts in three ultra-wearable shades of pink, so gorgeous that it is indeed love at first for me ♥ :)
So whether you're single or married (not receiving any flowers for this day), let's pick a little gift for ourselves, not necessarily a bouquet of flowers or expensive gift, just something to brighten up our day^^

Happy Valentine's Day to all the beauty bloggers and readers out there :)! 


  1. haha I love your post.... when you said let's pick a little gift for ourselves... another excuse to splurge....

    something related to your post is my recent lemmings for the Laduree rose petal blush.... that is really a love with first sight for me, but the price point is just simply too high for me!

  2. Oh yeah:) Re: Laduree rose petal blush, I fully agree, perhaps the product is designated to be a high-end product for tai-tais (太太) :)?

  3. if you read the blogs, the people who go and get it are OL and younger women... I think it's the fairy tale like design that capture our hearts.... like how JS market a princess packaging and Anna sui, and also Paul and Joe too.....

    I am see if I can get hold of a laduree blusher.... but the price is..... so intimidating!