Saturday, February 25, 2012

Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter

Revlon has launched this new ColorBurst Lip Butter (mix of buttery balm and shiny color).  It is a buttery balm with beautiful shiny color to give you baby soft, healthy glowing lips 94% of women felt lips were softer, smoother, and instantly hydrated.  As stated, the lip butter contains a combination of mango, shea and coconut butter to naturally soothe lips and boosts lip moisture by 156% (o_O!) while giving a touch of color that outshines any dull day.  It has naturally vanilla absolute.

Only 8 shades are available in Singapore, as compared to 20 shades in the US!
Fortunately, I'm able to pick up those shades that are not available in Singapore (BIG Thanks to my beauty pal – Cutiefish^^) and one shade from Watson store, they are:
~ 015 Tutti Frutti
~ 035 Candy Apple
~ 070 Cherry Tart (with glitter particles)
~ 096 Macaroon (with glitter particles) (available in Singapore)
~ And more to come ^^

Let's talk about the packaging first, by browsing the name of each lippy, for example, candy apple, raspberry pie, pink truffle and the list goes on...just simply irresistible!!  Each plastic lipstick cap matches the lip shade very closely. 

Move on to the lip balm, I've read some reviews on these Revlon Lippies and also on Youtube.  Honestly speaking, I'd say 'blame' Revlon for the overwhelming product description (see above)!  I totally agree with the fact that the word "lip balm" is indeed misleading, as I know that Revlon lippies are normally not that hydrating enough.  The pigmentation and hydration are ok, but thumbs up for the great colours and shiny effect.  However, given that it is a drugstore product, we should not expect too much from this product, as you get what you pay for.

Maybe someone would agree with me, packaging (and the names!) do add the selling point here… You may prefer another lippies which are more subtle than the Revlon lip butter without doubts, but overall I have no complains (except for the base of the lipstick tube which sometimes I can't hold it steadily, see above) as indeed these lippies are undoubtedly nice to have.  
As for colours, I bet no one can dispute on the fact that the colours are vibrant and lovely.  See below.

Lippies with sweetness of the colours :)
As as long as these lippies don’t give me the feeling of dryness and the colours pay off, I still think that these lippies are a great buy at this price.  Whether these lippies should be in your makeup bag, I would say it’s worth checking out one or two colours that you like as I mentioned above:). 
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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Naruko review - Narcissus Total Defense (Part II)

Following up my last post on Narcissus Total Defense Part I, here's part II of my review of toner and serum.

Naruko Narcissus Total Defense (contains Narcissus bulb extract and the patented Phytoferulin)


Moisturing Dew (150ml)

Product description:

This moisturizing dew is designed to soothe and quickly replenish the skin with hydration. Narcissus bulb extract, the patented Phytoferulin complex, Tremella Fuciformis and Hyaluronan have been selected to protect the skin from environmental damage during the day. The lotion reveals soft, smooth and translucent skin.

Night Repairing Dew (150ml)

Product description:

This repairing dew is designed to promote skin's self repair duing the night time. Using Narcissus bulb extract and the patented Phytoferulin complex, as well as double amount of Tremella Fuciformis and Hyaluronan, it revitalizes and neutralizes the skin. Skin will look replenished with boosted translucency and radiance.

Jie Jie view:

This is a clear 'gelish-watery' type of toner.  Apply it with a cotton pad and the toner dries up well on my skin.  It has this little 'cooling' sensation, leaving a nice scent of narcissus.  My skin feels so smooth and hydrated, great for hot and humid weather here in Singapore.  However, what's puzzling me is the texture of the day toner and the night toner look the same to me (it's unnecessary repetition), so far I don't see a significant difference in results.  This toner/dew overall is a gentle toner with good hydration level.  It suits all skin types.

Product description:

Moisturizing Day Protector (120ml)

This new advanced day protector formulated with the patented Phytoferulin complex and Narcissus bulb extract to help promote a moisture barrier and further protect the skin. Manufactured by a unique technology allows maximum absorption and seals the skin away from the damage of the environment.

Moisturizing Night Repair (120ml)

This night repair is designed for the skin's self repair during the night. A unique technology produces its fine texture to ensure deeper absorption, providing skin the opportunity for its own repairing from inside out. The high concentration of narcissus bulb extract and patented Phytoferulin formula provides endurance for the skin's restoration all night long.

Jie Jie view:

The texture is different from the toner/dew as mentioned above which is in milky form.  I was wondering whether this is a toner or light lotion, until Fuzkittie mentioned that it is a toner :)!  Again, it works the same as toner, just that it is more moisturizing than the toner/dew, leaves skin more moist and supple.  I would say that it is ideal for night time or during winter time.

On the other hand, just a little bit disappointed with the moisturizing night repair, which it claims that it is designed for skin's self repair during the night.  Anyway, I should not expect more on the quality because of the pricing.  "You get what you pay for."     

Final thoughts
If you have a normal skin and are wondering which toner should you get, I would suggest moisturing dew for the day and moisturing night repair for the night.


Product description:

Fundamental Serum (30ml)

This serum contains a special formula that reaches deep down into the skin, fighting aging while preventing moisture loss and revitalising the skin.

Jie Jie view:

This serum is in gel form (almost watery texture).  It absorbs into my skin well when applied during day and night.  Two to three drops are sufficient to cover the whole face and neck areas.  I find it weird about the scent.  It has the nice narcissus scent when used at initial stage, but scent has swiftly turned into 'rubbery' smell after subsequent uses.  Despite of the weird scent, I can't believe that the serum is almost finishing with 5% left, lasted for about one and half month (if use day and night)!  In my opinion, it is a very basic serum as stated.      

Just a note if you're not sure about the difference between serum and moisturizer, serum is a lighter version of moisturizer, it gives you supplemented moisture into deeper layers of skin, it works like an added nutrients to your skin.

**Coming Up**
Narcissus AA Foaming Wash
- Narcissus Repair Cream
- Naruko Tea Tree Oil Out Balancing Serum

Please check back soon for more review on the above:)
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

♥Happy Valentine's Day♥

Hi there:) A random post for the Valentine's Day...

I was browsing a few websites looking for a nice picture for this post, so I stumbled upon this website and picked this!
~ Picture from - "20 super purple rose"~
 These roses are in purple, representing enchanted and love at first.  What a coincidence, Cutie Fishball was asking me today if I want to pick up Stila Love At First Blush (retailing at USD14), this blush is embossed with endearing hearts in three ultra-wearable shades of pink, so gorgeous that it is indeed love at first for me ♥ :)
So whether you're single or married (not receiving any flowers for this day), let's pick a little gift for ourselves, not necessarily a bouquet of flowers or expensive gift, just something to brighten up our day^^

Happy Valentine's Day to all the beauty bloggers and readers out there :)! 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Majolica Majorca - Glass Trick - Chapter 32

Introducing MM's Chapter 32 - Winter Collection - Glass Trick.  As you can see from the picture above, the collection theme is all about creating glassy blue, and lasting fairy tale moments (indeed very "Cinderella").
Majorca has launched the following items in this Glass Trick Collection:
Lash Expander Frame Plus (mascara)
Dress Glove Cream (hand cream)
Nail polish - Artistic Nails, Glass drop gel coat
Honey pump lip gloss

Check out their website for their full collection on pictures and product descriptions here.

Items that I picked up from this colleciton are:

Lash Expander Frame Plus (6g - SGD 25.90) - Limited edition

Got this set (mascara with a free wrislet pouch in light blue) at SGD25.90 ^^
  Each set has three different designs but I like this pouch with lacy details..

Liking the blueish design.  Swatch this blue-black mascara on my hand (with noticable blue glitters).

Different from Majorca's permenant items, this new mascara is in blue-black liquid with fine blue glitter and jet black fibers.  As the product says, it gives dramatic lashes with super lengthening effect.  Waterproof resistant to sweat, sebum and tears.    I will come back with a quick review once I try it out.

Artistic Nails (Speedy & Glossy) (4.5ml - SGD7.10) - Limited edition

Noticeable silver and orange glitters at closer look.

It has fine glitters in different colours (such as green, purple, silver, orange) with subtle pale pink base.
Another item that worths checking out is:

Dress Glove Cream (SGD 10.50)
This is Majorca's first scented and sparkling hand creams. It is formulated with raspberry and rose extract for extra silky moisture, with velvety-smooth glove feel. It can be used for body.  This cream has glitters in it so skip it if you dislike it.  I didn't pick up this item as I have too many hand creams lining up...:(

My quick thought about this collection - If you allow me, I'm a little bit 'dissappointed' with this collection.   In fact, I expect to see more surprising and fairy tale items in this Glass Trick Collction.

Overall, it is not very fascinating like the past collection - Sugary Trap (click here for my Sugary Trap review).  Since its big hit Sugary Trap collection, Majorca has since 'slowed down' in creativity, not sure whether this is a good thing though..

**Coming up**
MJ Spring 2012 makeup collection had already launched at selected Watson Stores - click here for more info on this collection^^

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