Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chanel Summer 2011 Collection

My first impression on Chanel Summer 2011 collection is the pretty pink and shimmering yellow-gold colours, very refreshing and vibrant.

Click here to view: Chanel Summer 2011 Collection

#32 Lilium - S$87
I picked up Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow in #32 Lilium.  Chanel lady at the counter told me that this is the first time Chanel come up with turquoise colour in this Summer Collection.

From left to right in cockwise - peach-tinged pink (close to pink champagne), deep teal green (close to turquoise), pinky mauve (close to grey), and light celadon green (ligther green).  These pastel eyeshadows have subtle shimmer and sheer. 

The texture is sheer and shimmery, it can be applied wet for intense colour 
 But I noticed that the eyeshadow packaging is different from the US version (see attached).  Maybe someone can enlighten me on this?  The eyeshadow in this picture is more refined than the one that I got.

Next item is Chanel long-lasting eyeliner in Rose Platine (limited edition).

Chanel long-lasting eyeliner - S$ 35

Initially, I thought the shade is in rosy colour but in fact the shimmer colour is in between silver and bronze.  This eyeliner glides on smoothly and compliment well with lighter eyeshadows.  I think it is a versatile eyeliner that can be used as highlighter as well as eyeshadow.  Note that it is waterproof. 

Moving on to the gorgeous limited edition nail polish which I obsolutely love! 
S$ 36, 13ml
From left to right, Le Vernis 577 Mimosa is a shimmering yellow and Le Vernis 557 Morning Rose is in pink. 

Two coats are good to match the bottled colour perfectly. The brush is slightly small and a bit fast drying.  You need patience when you apply Mimosa.  It is not easy to apply as two coats cannot cover the nail completely, with obvious streaky lines.  Practice makes perfect!

Pretty pink with gold sparkles
Morning rose is definitely wearable for work. I don't know why but these shades somehow linked me to watermelon, just too sweet to pass up!

I'm going to get Chanel bronzer and Le Vernis 567 Beige Petale which is the perfect blend of neutral beige and natural pink, hope it is still available:).

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine #62 Monte-Carlo

Following up my previous post on Chanel Rouge Coco Shine, I picked up No.62 Monte-Carlo. 

Monte-Carlo is a semi-sheer colour in a neutral red with touches of pink and coral. Some reviews describe it as "fresh and luminous red". I agree as it's more on red shade for my lip tone, not very flattering on me.  Well, I still want to try a different colour, may be shade no. 52 (Fetiche) or 54 (Boy).  There's a part of me that's telling me to try other shades, if you know what I mean:p.   

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Love❤more masks~爱恋膜法面膜~

~Tiffany Hsu -  LoveMore Endorser~

I've been using LoveMore masks lately and mark it as HG:).  As far as I know, LoveMore is currently selling like hot cakes in Taiwan now. 

My first impression is the 'stand out' packaging and creative product design (especially the air mail envelope with borders in the Hydration range). 

Reading their official website http://www.ilovemore.com.tw/ and facebook  http://www.facebook.com/lovemore09LoveMore mask has the following product range:

(a) Hydration series (air mail envelope packaging - see below) 
(b) Lifting and firming series (Note: 3D masks with ear-hooks)
(c) Aqua series (Note: masks and skin care product) - New! 

I will post a separate review on  LoveMore masks - lifting and firming series in the coming post.    

In LoveMore masks hydration range, it suits all skin types and each type of mask has main ingredients specially flew in from different countries.  This explains why each packet is designed in air-mail envelope.  

❤ Provence Lavender Nightime Whitening Mask (from France Provence) for
Radiance+whitening, oil-control and supple
❤ Camelia and Tourmaline Whitening Mask (from Japan Izushima) for
Perfect, soft and radiance+whitening 
❤ Alps Spring & Phytoncide Moisturizing Mask (from Swiss Alps) for
Soft, hydrating and tighening [great for hot summer]
❤ Australia Agar-agar Lifting Mask with CoQ10 (from Australia Great Barrier Reef) for
smooth, revitalising and firming
❤ Japan Pearls firming and Whitening Mask (Pearls from Japan Isecity) for
fair, refining and firming
❤ Diamond Super White Mask (limited edition)

Each box has 5 masks (25 ml per mask)...

I've already tried all the masks in the Hydration range, here's my thoughts:

- The mask essence is not harsh on skin so that it can be used daily for intensive care. I have sensitive skin and so far have not noted any irritation (Note: if you have a very sensitive skin, you should perhaps use the mask for less than 5/10 minutes)
- The mask essence is kind of watery and yet it absorbs well into my skin, without sticky feeling
- It does brightening up with instant fair and translucent skin
- Definitely a good hyrating mask
- A+++ for its creative packaging

LoveMore is definitely my favourite mask for now because I believe in effective facial mask = beautiful skin 【好敷質=好膚質】(LoveMore facebook). 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Love package from MisoJenny♥

Just received the package from Misojenny today, she is such a lovely 妹妹 (sister).  Items that she picked up for me are:

(A) Kiehls's
(1) Midnight Recovery Concentrate (30 ml)
(2) Lip balm with SPF 4 sunscreen (15 ml)
(3) Cryste Marine "Ultra Riche" Lifting and Firming Cream (50 ml)
(4) Imperial Body Balm with sea buckthorn berry oil (15 ml)
(5) Powerful-strength line-reducing concentrate (sample)

(B) NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base
(C) Blingtone - diamonds and pearls eyeshadow
(D) OPI nail polish - Chapel of Love
(E) Forever 21 necklace

★ denotes HG product on my wish list^^

Can't wait to try HG Kiehl's midnight recovery concentrate^^

Another HG product - NARS cos it is not available in SG yet^^
Wow, powerful-strength line reducing o_O... I definitely need this^^

Forever 21 necklace, how I wish I could be Forever 21♥^^

Very neon pink, reminds me of Hello Kitty♥^^ 
Thanks Jenny Mei Mei!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Spot-Control Base UV

Shiseido White Lucent Line
Background information on Shiseido White Lucent:

Shiseido launched the White Lucent Line in early 2010 in Singapore.  The White Lucent Line aims to brighten the complexion and reduce hyper-pigmentation.  It is packed with a powerful whitening ingredient m-Tranexamic Acid, this line not only aims to provide radiance and glow to your skin, but also target persistent spots and decrease melanin production.  Please visit http://www.sg.shiseido.com/whitelucent/ for more information.

Shiseido has launched three new products recently under its White Lucent Line:
- Brightening Spot-Control Foundation with SPF 25PA+++
- Brightening Skin Powder (Limited Edition)
- Brightening spot-control UV base SPF 35 PA+++ ($75, 30ml) 

In this post, I will be reviewing the Brigtening spot-control UV base.  The UV base is formulated with whitening ingredient m-Tranexamic Acid (improved formula) which can protect skins from spot-forming factors and correct skin colour imperfections. It can be used as makeup primer to help the foundation spread evenly and last longer.  The UV base is available in three shades as follow:

- Ivory (to correct uneven skin tone)
- Pink (to correct dull or yellowish skin)
- Green (to neutralise redness)

I picked up green to target on the redness on my cheek areas.

My thoughts on this products:

(a) well asborb and no sticky feeling
(b) it does brighten my skin maybe due to melanin-suppressing ingredient
(c) it can be used as a light sun block with/without face powder

The UV base has light coverage on redness and leaves my skin a bit shiny.  In overall, this product is not a big disappointment and I will try other two shades - Ivory and Pink in coming posts^^.  Let me know your view if you've tried it:)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Quick haul April 2011

A quick haul for April 2011:

(1) LoveMore 7 days beauty direct set (limited edition) at S$9.90 - hydration range + 1 new firming mask (3D ear hook mask with extended neck section)

2) LoveMore 7 days beauty direct set (limited edition) at S$9.90 - lifting and firming range + 1 new firming mask (3D ear hook mask with extended neck section)

(3) Mango bow flat shoe - I'm lucky to grab the last pair!  I love wearing flat shoes for work :)