Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Makeup Routine - March 2011

I'd like to share my makeup routine for work (which takes around 15 minutes or less).


I use either Lancome La Base Pro or L'oreal Base Magique, depending on my skin condition in the morning.  Lancome is currently my favourite for its easy-to-absorb and smoothness. 

Lancome Teint Miracle (in PO-03) or
Revlon color stay (180 Sand Beige) + Revlon Photoready (008 Golden Beige)

Revlon in Golden Beige is a bit too dark for my skin tone so I have to mix it with Sand Beige to even out the shade.     

Follow up with either Lancome Loose Powder or Laneige Snow Crystal Powder or MJ powder.  My favourite is Lancome Loose Powder which gives sheer and natural finish.

 Then MAC Rose Ole highlight powder if I have extra time:).


Eye primer:
Paul & Joe eye color primer in 03.
Using either Estee Lauder Signature Silky eyeshadow palette or Smash box eyeshadow Trio - head shot.
As you can see, I love using Smash box head shot as I have hit the pan ^-^!!

I use Canmake eyelash curler, follow by mascara using either Revlon Grow Luscious or MJ Lash Expander in chocolate brown.  I will do my eyebrow using Rimmel Professional Eye Brow in 004 black brown.  Needless to say, MJ Lash Expander is my most liked for its long-lasting wear.

Either MJ blush in peach or Shiseido Maquillage 3 D face creator in 66 (or both for highlights). Again, Shiseido Maquillage wins ^-^.

Revlon color stay lip liner in Nude.  Nude is definitely a perfect match for my lip tone! This is my 3rd Revlon lip liner, it is VERY long lasting and stay on for the whole day.

Lip colour will be either Shiseido Maquillage in RD 387 or Revlon Lustrous Lipstick in Ginger Rose + MAC Lustre Sinister. 
These are the makeup products that I've used the most as at 25 March 2011 ^-^.  

Now, what's your makeup routine like? Please share :)  

Monday, March 21, 2011

Smile and have faith♥

I know this via Michelle Phan's video - Delicate Cherry Blossom.

I felt like crying my heart out after listening to Mika's songs.. especially with Japan disaster, my heart feels heavy with grief. 

Smile is the only way to make my heart calm.  Faith is what I need to believe there is still hope for tomorrow.

Sharing these meaningful songs by Mika Nakashima中島美嘉:

(1) 桜色舞うころ Sakurairo Mau Koro (lit. When the Cherry Blossoms Color Flutters)

Sakurairo Mau Koro

(2) 雪の華 Yuki no Hana 

Yuki no hana

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Prayer for Japan by writer and poet Paul Coelho

I am touched by the prayer by writer and poet Paul Coelho, it is inspiring and makes us to think whatever/whoever you hate or angry, it deosn't matter anymore...We have to slow down, live in the moment.. がんばって Japan People!!

Here's an extract of his blog:

"Lord, protect our planet, because we live here, and here we dwell with our daily tragedies.
May our daily reconstruction be the result of the very best that we carry within us.

Give us the courage
to be able to reconstruct what was destroyed
to be able to recover what was lost
to be able to accept what was gone forever.

May you give us courage to look ahead,
may we never look back nor allow our soul to be discouraged.
Lord, give us enthusiasm, because Enthusiasm reaffirms to us that everything is possible, as long as we are totally committed to what we are doing.

Lord, may the Earth continue to transform seeds into wheat, may we continue to transmute wheat into bread. Do not leave us in solitude.

Have compassion on us, Lord. For we often think we are dressed when we are naked.

Do not forget, in your mercy, our friends in Japan, who are now teaching us the meaning of Courage, Reconstruction, Solidarity and Enthusiasm."





















(translated by Ken Crane )


Monday, March 14, 2011

My very first blog subscriber - Cutie Fishball !

Cutie Fishball, is my 1st blog subscriber^-^ She is a very very nice lady and talented in handmade jewellery:D 

Here's her cutie blog and earrings which she specially designed and made for Fuz (awesome YT guru)!!

Cutie Fishball, stay cutie and jia you ^-^

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Majolica Majorca - Spring Collection 2011 - Sugary Trap - Follow up

Sugary Trap
"A little afraid? Even so, you want to get closer, don't you?
I already know that.
If you come across sweet and rosy cheeks,
you won't be able to look the other way."

The theme says it all,  the colours are just so sweet... No one, especially beauty fanatics, can resist it, 100% satisfaction guarantee!!  ^-^
*Pressed pore powder (10 g)- Retail price S$33.90, Puff de Cheek (7 g) - Retail price S$22.90
I bought these at 20% discount at Watson Store ^-^*

For the pressed pore powder, I think the powder is a permanent item whereas the case is limited edition (in sweet pastel colour).  The design is same as the existing black case. 

* Swatch on pressed pore powder *

*Afer blending..*
After blending it on my hand/face, it basically leaves skin smooth and look translucently.  My face appears matte and non-shimmery.  

The powder can be used in two ways:
(1) Use it alone as face powder.
(2) With foundation on, apply it to give a matte and silky finish.   

FYI, it also prevents shine, greasiness and contains acne resistant formula (hmm...'doubting'..).  In my view, it does not really "pressed' the appearance of pores but I agree on the smooth finish, just like a porcelain doll..

Grab it if you adore the limited edition case!!


Ok, move on to the blushes, the next point of focus!!  If you wish to have a sweet and kissable cheeks, you will definitely love the colours as much as I do :D.   The colours are just so sugary, romantic and fairly tales. 

I used Puff de Cheek in Apricot as part of my makeup routine last few days ago.  Apricot colour is growy and natural on my skin tone.  Its also long lasting (it lasted more than 8 hours until I reach home ^-^)

FYI, the blush contains microparticle powder and macadamia oil.  It will stay bright for long hours of wearing ( wonder..)

*From left to right - Apricot, Strawberry, Peach*
 Strawberry will give you rosy cheeks, as for apricot and peach will be more glowy.
*After blending - sheer finish and give sweety glowing cheeks*
The pigmentation is ok.  I have to swatch at least two times to pick up the colours initially.  Best use with kabuki brush (remember to dust off the excess).

*Top - Pressed pore powder, followed by
Apricot, Strawberry, Peach*
I have also swatched the colour on cotton pad, the colours showed up nicely, close to the product colours ^-^

*It comes with a soft cute puff with a matching colour bow, so so adorable ^-^...*
To ahieve natural growing cheeks, use kabuki/any blusher to apply the blush onto the apples of your cheeks and swirling (lightly) it all the way up to the temple (including outer eye area). 

By the way, apricot reminds me of M.A.C My Highland Honey (from the Tartan Tale Collection December 2010).  I have compared the two colours side by side, the colours appear to be similar. 

*My Highland Honey, Apricot*

*Last row - My Highland Honey*

My Highland Honey appears to be more peachy base as compared to apricot with little bit of pink base.  

My favourite is apricot followed by peach - cos it is wearable and growy colours for Spring 2011!!

I won't recommend getting it if you already have the similar blush colours.

Grab it if you don't want to miss out MJ Spring Collection 2011!!

"Sweet cheeks every time without fail."

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cool Uniqlo Calender blog parts^-^

Cute stuff ^-^

I went to a bookstore for stationery shopping and found these cute erasers ^-^:

* Yummy^-^ *

*I love strawberry cake*

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Maquillage Rouge Enamel Glamour - follow up

I picked up RD 387 when I went shopping today :D The colour is a bit darker than RS754 and PK744. I choose RD387 'cos I like lip colour that can match my lip tone (I have darker lip tone).

~ RD 387 ~
~ From left to right - RD387, RS754, PK744 ~
~ with gloss on ~
I've decided to use the demo image from Maquillage website to show a better colour.  In my view, different people has different lip tone and skin tone so lip colour might show up differently.

~ PK 744 ~

~ RD 387 ~

~ RS 754 ~
I have also downloaded the video demo from Maquillage to demonstrate the correct way to apply.

~ Please click on the timeline if the video doesn't play ~

* Use correct amount to apply and spread the colour from center quickly and evenly.  The colour will dry up (like a stain so as to give long lasting effect) in less than one minute or so.  For me, I will use tissue to lightly remove the excess to even out the colour  :D.   Based on the instruction from Maquillage, you'll need to hold for one minute without rubbing, to seal in the colour effectively.. 
**Then apply the gloss, start from the center and spread outwards.  The counter lady said we should dab and avoid spreading so that the colour will show better..   I 've tried that by spreading, the gloss looks more even and natural whereas dabbing, your lips will look glossy and shiny (with 3D effects :D). It depends on individual preferences tho... 

(1) Colour is wearable and stays long well.
(2) The package is unique, adorable and convenient (2 in 1).
(3) No funny smell.
(4) May be able to finish it without wasting it :D (see (7))  

(5) The lip colour cannot be wore alone 'cos your lips will look very very dry, hence must go with the lip gloss.  I would recommend using a clear lip gloss for everyday wear 'cos the lip colour has a bit shimmery in it. 
(6) Must use oil-based makeup remover to remove it. Water-based makeup doesn't work at all!
(7) The price (SGD 43) may be out of budget for some ladies - lip colour weight at 2.1g and lip gloss is 3.8g. A full size lip stick may range from 3.5g to 4.2g whereas full size lip gloss may be about 4.8g or more.

Well, grab it if you like it!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Majolica Majorca (MM) - Spring Collection 2011 Sugary Trap

Macaroon, anyone??

My first haul for March 2011 ^_^ 

Ok, I admit it again and it's all Fuz's fault (lol), I bought MM Puff de Cheeks in Peach(PK301), Apricot (OR 302) and Strawberry (PK 303 limited edition).  Their products are in 'macaroon' shape, the cheeks colours are so sweet ♥ and adorable !!!  It is a sugary trap and you can't resist the colours!  But I missed out #82 Vanilla Macaron (limited edition)'cos I couldn't find it at Watson store :'( could be sold out I think.. 

Also picked up Pressed Face Powder (in limited edition case), I read the product details that it is beauty powder that can reduce shine and greasiness, it also looks a bit fair to me, but love the case tho... I can't wait to try it out tomorrow.

Sorry, photos are not available as I'm having problems in uploading :( 

I also bought the skin lingerie pore cover last few days ago before Sugary Trap colletion came out, it has smooth finish and easily absorb onto my skin, I'm still testing this product and will update the result soon ^^

Next item on my list will be Lash Expander Frame Plus BR666 Chocolate Brown (limited edition) and Vanila Macaron (limited edition)^^

Latest update 8/3/11:
Oh my gosh... just went to Watson store at Wisma Atria, the mascara BR666 are all gone :( same for the blush..  [Ok, I managed to grab one at another watson store!!!]

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shiseido Maquillage Rouge Enamel Glamour

After reading Fuz's review on Shiseido Maquillage Rouge Enamel Glamour, my mind is full of Maquillage x100 that I really can't wait to leave the office the soonest the possible.. After work, I went straight to Maquillage counter and quickly picked up PK 744 (latest colour for spring 2011) and RS 754.

Top -PK744, bottom - RS754 (2 in 1 with lip colour on the right and lip gloss on the left)

NO kidding!! I fall in love with Maquillage instantly, now I know why Fuz likes the product so much!!!

The colour is so pretty and it glides on smoothly on my lips, no funny smell whatsoever!! This is my ideal colour^^ No words can describe it!

The lip gloss applicator is made of soft plastic, the gloss is nice with the right amount of shimmer (which I like). I'm not a fan of lip gloss in the past 'cos I dislike sticky feel on my lips. From now on, I will start using lip gloss and Maquillage is my new make up 'baby'.. :D