Monday, June 20, 2011

Lunasol Summer 2011 makeup collection

Lunasol Summer 2011 makeup collection has finally launched at Takashimaya Singapore in early June 2011 (the one and only counter in Singapore).  The theme of the collection is Ocean Scene which is inspired by summer ocean.  All the items in this collection are limited colours as follow:

Shelly Ocean theme
*EX 01shelly ocean 4-colour eye shadow palette
*EX 01 eye pencil in deep black
* Full glamour liquid lips in EX01 clear beige and EX04 clear red
* Nail polish in EX28 clear white beige and EX31 clear red

Vacation Ocean theme
*EX 02 vacation ocean 4-colour eye shadow palette
* EX02 eye pencil in blue green
* Full glamour liquid lips in EX02 clear coral pink and EX03 clear rose
* Nail polish in EX29 clear pink and EX30 clear rose

Coloring Cheeks (refill)
* EX02 Clear coral pink

(Source: Summer Collection 2011)

For practical reason, I picked up EX 01 - Shelly Ocean.^^

Each shadow has letters printed on it.  However, these letters are so 'fragile' and fade away easily.
The case has LUNASOL logo over it, very uniquely Lunasol.   

Limited edition - EX01 Shelly Ocean (7g) at S$77
Japan retail price (printed on the box) is Yen 5,000 which is almost equivalent to S$77 (inclusive of 7% GST)^^       

The how-to-use instruction is enclosed in the box

From left to right:
Main colour - Light beige
Nuance colour - beige with gold undertone
High light colour - sheer beige
Shade colour - deep beige with noticeable glitters
                          (great for smoky eyes) 
I really amazed by the pigmentation of the eye shadows when I swatched it.  It is a warm tone with generous amount of shimmers (except for deep beige which has noticeable glitters).  The texture of the eye shadow is surprisingly silky and smooth which I absolutely love!  The colours also show up instantly with just one swatch (especially deep beige).  Either use dry or wet, it can be applied alone or together with eye shadow to create the perfect deeply-nuanced eyes.  I do notice that this Summer collection has less shimmery than their past collections, that's why I love about this collection.   

If you prefer a natural and fresh look, this palette is definitely for you.  It is a must-have Summer essentials for sure!!

P/s I'm still contemplating whether to get EX02 vacation ocean, should I or shouldn't I?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Love package from Cutie Fishball ~ Part 1 (Nail Polish)

Following up on my last post (Love package from Cutie Fishball).  Here's part 1 - O.P.I. Nail Polish. 

Rosy Future and I juggle.. men (limited edition)

I juggle.. men is a clear shade with fine pink particle in it, definitely great for base and top coat. 

Rosy Future is a soft pink shade with purple undertone. 

Rosy future -  applied two coats, left a translucent hint of soft pink on my nails.
Perfect for french manicures!

Applied "I juggle men" as a top coat, making the soft pink looks alluring 
What's great about OPI nail polish is it contains no DBP, toluene, or formaldehyde, and features OPI’s exclusive ProWide™ Brush for the ultimate in application.  I like the pro-wide brush making it easier to apply and it dries well too! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lovely package from Cutie Fishball ^___^

Thank you Cutie Fishball!!
I received this lovely package from Cutie Fishball last Friday.  She sent me stuff that are highly requested by me^^ (Clarisonic, Physicians Formula and Revlon) and some products which are hand-picked by her.  I will try to post my reviews on all the items in the upcoming posts.

She also attached some lovely notes for certain items stating her thoughts about the products.  I do enjoyed reading all the notes very much:).

Maybelline eyeshadow quad which are not available in Singapore

I'm into Physicians Formula makeup now, especially Happy Booster Blush^^
(this brand is not available in Singapore)

Almay is new to me and can't wait to try it. Cutie Fishball also got me Loreal Eyeshadow Quad (limited edition, again not available here) and
Revlon Custom Eyes (this range just launched at Watson Store not long ago) 

MAC Eyeshadow palette and Green Tea have caught my attention first, and last but not least...
 a lovely letter from Cutie Fishball^^
 Here's the full list:
(1) Clarisonic Skin Care Set
(2) OPI
~ Original Nail Envy - Natural Nail strengthener
~ OPI Nail polish in Rosy Future and I Juggle... Men
(3) Crabtree & Evelyn - Hand Therapy Rose Water
(4) Physicians Formula
~ Eyeshadow palette - Eye Candy Collection (new)
~ Eyeshadow palette - Brown Eyes
~ Mineral Glow Pearls Blush (new)
~ Correcting primer - Blush & Highlighter
~ Happy Booster - glow & mood boosting blush (Natural)
~ Mineral Airbrushing loose powder SPF 30 - Creamy Natural
~ Eye Booster 2-in-1 Day & Night Lash Boosting Serum (She knows that I don't wear eyeliner :))
(5) Loreal
~ Studio Secrets Professional Eyeshadow Quad (226 Coral Treasures) limited edition
(6) Revlon - Customeyes 020 Naturally glamorous
(7) e.l.f. - Beauty book Neutral Eye Edition
(8) Almay - Intense i-color - Powder Shadow (brown) with one Mascara
(9) Bath & Body Works - Body lotion (blushing cherry blossom)
(10) Carmex
~Lip balm in Lime Twist, Strawberry and Sheer Peach Tint (New)
(11) Some Kiehl's Samples - Ultra facial moisturiser
(12) MAC eyeshadow palette (from Tartan Collection)

I'm enjoying a cup of sweet sakura tea (green tea with cherry blossom) while typing this post^^ Thanks Cutie Fishball for sharing it with me.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dior Addict - Let's get addicted!

Kate Moss is the new spokesperson for Dior Addict Lipstick
Surprisingly, I've never owned any Dior lipstick before.  Lipsticks that I've used are Clinique, Estee Lauder, Revlon, MAC, Shiseido Maquillage, other misc. brands and the recent one is Chanel.  Under the deep influence of YT guru Fuzkittie, followed by my buddy CutieFishball, Misojenny mei mei and Jess:), I finally got my hands on Dior Addict Lipstick!

A quick information on Dior Addict.  Dior Addict Range has 44 shades (42 shares are available in Singapore), all new colours with great new formula (25% less wax than a classic lipstick, so called the innovative gel) that provides vibrant colour and luminous shine.

The 44 shades are:
#249 Diorissime - biege with a hint of pink
#253 Basic - light pink
#260 Rose Deshabille
#322 Beige Perfection 
#333 Nude - nude tone
#343 Miss Dior - coral
#353 Blush - rosewood   
#445 Createur - ultra-chic rosewood
#465 Singuliere - excessive pink
#525 Vintage - sepia brown
#530 Bobo - pinkish coral
#535 Tailleur Bar - rosewood with golden glints
#554 IT Pink - raspberry
#561 Baby Rose - fleeting pink
#564 Model - sorbet pink
#578 Diorkiss - simple pink (Kate's choice)
#579 Must-Have - raddish pink
#583 Backstage - plum
#612 Spotlight - chocolate
#621 Granville - rosewood
#623 Beige Mondaine - rich beige
#624 Feline - warm brown
#626 Androgyne - strong beige
#680 Millie - raspberry
#681 Icone - perfectly balanced pink
#712 Beige Dandy - brown
#745 New Look - vinyl red
#750 Rock'N Roll - raspberry
#753 Fashion - dazzling red
#762 Paris - bright pink
#763 Reflet - pretty pink
#773 Rouge Podium - opulent red
#778 Show - dazzling pink
#783 Londres - pinkish plum
#797 Stiletto - sparkling red
#821 Smoky - deep brown with very subtle plum
#864 Couture - cherry pink
#865 Collection - vivid fuchsia
#872 Arty - plum
#881 Fashion Week - exquisite plum
#963 Red Carpet - dizzying red
#972 Rose Shocking - pink infused with gold
#983 Insoumise - sparkling rich plum
#991 Perfecto - dark plum

Source: Dior Addict website

Dior Addict lipstick is must-have fashion accessory.  Why?  This is because each shade represents a woman's fashion style!  For example, pick 561 Baby Rose for a innocence and seductive baby doll look as this shade reflects as "A tender, fleeting pink, paying homage to the baby doll look, feigning innocence for disarming seduction".  My pick of 621 Granville reflected as "A rosewood shade with mauve acents, paying homage to the ever-inspiring charm of lost paradises and memories of youth", very interesting fashion style:).
621 Granville - S$ 42 (3.5g)


Dior addict has won me over when I tried it on.  It glides on smoothly (maybe due to gel-like texture) with beautiful shine effect.   The texture is creamy and moisturising.  The transparent-meets-opaque silver casing as compared to Chanel Rouge Coco Shine's classic dark casing, is definitely more appealing, chic and distinctive (indeed "be Iconic!").  621 Granville is definitely a flattering colour for me (as compared to Chanel #62 Monte Carlo).  Gosh, I'm addicted to Dior Addict now!

What does your favourite Dior Addict lipstick say about you?  Please share:)