Sunday, November 6, 2011

Naruko review - Narcissus Total Defense (Part I)

I got to know Naruko through Fuzkittie, a Youtube beauty guru :).  Just google it and you will find her reviews and also reviews from other beauty bloggers raving about Naruko products and ways to order it.  You can either do a bulk order (basically sharing shipping costs with your friends or other buyers) at Naruko Taiwan Official website in Mandarin.  My beauty pal, cutie fishball recently ordered her Naruko from Naruko Taiwan website, check out her post here :).

I'm glad that I can either order directly from Naruko Singapore or get it from selected Watson Stores in Singapore, although the pricing is averagely about 40% more, but thinking of the shipping costs and waiting time etc etc.. 

A quick snapshot of Naruko if you're new to Naruko.  Naruko is a Taiwanese skincare brand created by a skincare Doctor, Niu Er.  He is very popular in Taiwan and has been sharing his beauty tips in a Taiwanese beauty show called Beauty Queen and Beauty Queen Magazine.  

As far as I know, correct me if I'm wrong, Fuzkittie should be the first beauty guru introducing Naruko (she is a regular Naruko user for years, I think).  Do check out her latest videos here Fuzkittie's review. She always gives her honest opinion, no exaggerating.

I started using Naruko products not long ago, the first one is Naruko Narcissus Total Defense and follow by Magnolia from the Firming and anti-wrinkle series, Raw Job's Tears.  I will also be starting on the Apple Seed treatment once I'm done with Naruko Narcissus.  So stay tuned if you're interested:).

Here's my view on Naruko products which I had already finished/almost finishing.

Naruko Narcissus Total Defense (contains Narcissus bulb extract and the patented Phytoferulin)

Product description: 

Mousse Facial Wash (150ml)

This mousse facial wash transforms into foaming mousse instantly upon one pump.  The rich foam swiftly dissolves dirt and impurities.  Narcissus bulb extract and the patented Phytoferulin complex are added to to help revitalize the skin and retain needed moisture.  It rinses easily and leaves the skin soft, smooth and healthy.

Make-up Removing Mousse (150ml)

This oil-based makeup remover transforms into foaming mousse instantly upon one pump.  The rich foam rapidly dissolves dirt and makeup and deep cleans the pores.  It contains narcissus bulb extract and the patented Phytoferulin complex that revitalizes the skin.  The residue-free formula leaves the skin soft, smooth and healthy.

From left to right: Makeup remover and facial wash.
It has the same packaging with a pump.

These two products have the similar foams.
Jie Jie view:

Basically, these two products look the same to me.  It does the basic cleaning and leaves the moisture on my skin.  It has this 'gel' thing (perhaps it's the Narcissus extract bulb or the Phytoferulin complex) in it.  I kept rubbing my skin and somehow the oiliness on my skin cannot be taken away, same for the makeup remover.  In my view, it suits dry skin more than combination/oily skin.  It is also a personal preference that I prefer more thorough cleansing formula, it is just too mild for me.  

My recommendation for Naruko: please consider reformulating the makeup remover so as to distinguish it from the facial wash, making it a more powerful makeup remover.

Do let me know your view of Naruko...  Until then.. feel free to comment below:)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Guerlain 2011 Holiday collection - Belle de Nuit

Dropped by Guerlain counter with my girlfriends last month as she wanted to redeem her Guerlain voucher and points in her birthday month :).  As I looked around, I saw the Guerlain brochure, featuring their latest Fall Collection 2011 and Christmas Collection 2011!

Guerlain Christmas Collection - November 2011

Guerlain Fall Collection August 2011

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau, Foundation & Concealer SPF 20 PA+++,
Foundation -September 2011

A few Guerlain items that I'm interested :):

Guerlain meteorites perles-de-nuit

Image from

I always want to try Guerlain meteorites but have to think twice on the shimmery finish (don't want to end up like a crystal ball), but after reading Fruitylashes review, I will definitely give it a try this time :). has done a detailed review on this illuminating powder, here's her final thoughts:
"The silver pearl is the one key pearl that gives a brighter look with a cool tone for winter and holiday season. Even though the effect isn’t dramatic, it makes you look glowy with a hint of snowy white on the cheeks. The glow is so fine that even camera cannot capture."

"With all the meteorites in common, Perles de Nuit enhances the complexion in a subtle way. Don’t think it’s similar to one that you already have, it’s just one luxurious item that you know you want to indulge and it’s quite addicting. Once you start, you’ll want everyone of them."

Here's a link to: Fruitylashes review on Guerlain Meteorites Perles de Nuit

Next item would be the eye shadow palette and blush...

Guerlain Écrin 4 Couleurs Eye Shadow Palette - Les Noirs

Image from
This is 4-pan eyeshadow comprises of one matte shade and 3 shimmery shades which according to reviews, the shimmers are extremely fine and stunning!    Each shade is distinct and in the following textures:

IRIDESCENT: tiny pearly particles that release luminous colour with an iridiscent finish. 
MATTE: an extra-matt, ultra-soft finish for ultimate comfort.
VELVET SATIN: perfect glide for a velvety result that feels soft and delicate.
ALCANTAR'EYES: a metallic finish with unbelievable softness.

(Source: Guerlain website)

My eyes started to blink and deep inside my heart is saying "Gosh...I must get this palette!!"
Do check out the swatches and review by makeup and beauty Makeup and beautyblog review

Guerlain Parure de Nuit Pressed Powder and Blush

Image from
As I read from other beauty bloggers, this blush in a sleek case works more like a highlighter as the shade (soft pink,  coral red and blue green) is very sheer.  It has a nice violet scent which is a pull factor for me to get this!  

Do check out the swatches and review by Temptalia Temptalia review

Do let me know your view of Guerlain...  Until then.. feel free to comment below:)

Lunasol Autumn Collection 2011

Light and Shadow Purification is the theme of Lunasol Autumn 2011 Collection:

♥"A purifying makeup which shows the depth of the world of light and shadow. Creates the look of mature women with a hidden strength and a sense of depth in their hearts" ♥

I have been keeping my eyes on Lunasol Autumn Collection 2011 since my last haul on Lunasol Summer 2011^^

So picked up quite a number of Lunasol stuff in this Autumn Collection:
  • Three-dimensional eyes shadow palette in 02 Soft Beige and 05 Deep Beige
  • Eyelid base in 01 Neutral
  • 2 blushers in EX01(soft pink) and EX02 (soft coral) - Limited Edition♥
  • Makeup remover
  • 4 items of Impress skincare products (under Kanebo house brand)

I will try to post my review on Lunasol makeup remover and Impress skincare in the upcoming post so stay tuned if you're interested :)
Three-dimensional Eyes
Product description:
A four-color eye shadow set that creates well-calculated three-dimensional eyes through colors inspired by skin-colored beige and the gradation of different lusters.

Highlight color and shade color consists of three different levels of luster to manipulate light and shadow more precisely.

5 types of eye shadow are available:
~ 01 Neutral Beige
~ 02 Soft Beige (Jie Jie's pick)
~ 03 Mysterious Beige
~ 04 Cool Beige
~ 05 Deep Beige (Jie Jie's pick)


02 Soft beige
From left to right clockwise:
~ First left - these are highlight colours with sheer pink undertone
~ First right - brow bone highlighter with pink undertone
~ Second left - main shade in soft pink
~ Second right - Focus shade in three shades - mainly brown (the first brown from the left is non-shimmery)

05 - Deep beige for smokey eyes

From left to right in clockwise
~ First left - these are highlight colours with sheer silver undertone
~ First right - brow bone highlighter
~ Second left - main shade in deep brown
~ Second right - Focus shade in three shades - mainly dark shades with silver undertone (the first dark brown from the left is non-shimmery)
Jie Jie view:
As you can see, these are mostly neutral shades.  Needless to mention much about the pigmentation, each eye shadow is pearlized with soft texture.  There is not much fall out when I swatched it on my hand (but few swatches are required to make the colours show up).  You would probably say all these palettes look almost the same except for the shade at the bottom left of each palette.  I thought so too at first glance.  In fact, the focus shade should be on the bottom right.  It is recommended to apply the darker shade (bottom right) first, then blend it with the main shade from the bottom left.  This will create the so-called 3-D effect on eyes.  This palette is absolutely very versatile as each shade can be applied sheer or layered for a more dramatic look as you wish.  I pick 02 - soft beige for a 'soft' everyday look and 05 - deep beige for fun night out look:).

By the way, I agree with A Touch of Blush that this Lunasol eye shadow palette should not be missed, it is a neutral palette which definitely suits someone who prefers wearable everyday look, like myself (Note: if you have been following my blog, I'm always in favour of wearable everyday look, especially for work).
Eyelid Base in 01 Neutral

Product description:
A makeup base for eyelids that removes dullness and enhances the coloration and durability of eye shadow.

A brighter color has been added to the existing basic colors Choose a color depending on the skin tones and the daily makeup. It contains beauty essence ingredients.

01 Neutral - nude shade.  A lighter shade is available in 02.

This shade matches my eye lid tone perfectly:)
Jie Jie view:
This is eye primer in cream .  I'm currently using Paul and Joe and NARS smudge proof eye shadow base which are in liquid form.  If it is not for the beauty essence ingredients, I would not consider getting it. 

I've read some reviews about this eyelid base that it will grease easily, especially if you have oily eye-lid like mine.  It does glide on smoothly on my eye lid and even out my eye lid tone naturally.  Just dab a little bit on the eye-lid to avoid greasing.  As expected, it does keep the eye shadow shade more intense and last through for about 6 hours with little fading (especially after lunch).  However, it greases on my eye-lid like after 4 hours but this is absolutely fine with me :).        

Next will be my most favourite item of all...

Modeling Cheeks in EX01(soft pink) and EX02 (soft coral) - Limited Edition♥

Product description:
A limited-edition cheek color that creates a soft, healthy-looking complexion and three-dimensionality by layering four different colors and glow.  Creates natural gradations with pure coloration, as well as the cuteness of a mature woman.

EX01 - Soft pink

From left to right - the first two shades are blushers and non-shimmery,
the two shades on the right are highlighter which are shimmery.

Blending all the shades together creates sheer and glowy effect.
EX02 - Soft coral

My preference will be EX02 - soft coral, it creates a natural and soft glow on my cheeks:)

Finally got the blush case, it's now in my makeup pouch (handmade by my buddy - Cutie Fishball,
please check out her awesome blog here Cutie fishball - handmade stuff :)

Jie Jie view:
The pigmentation and texture are about the same as the last Summer collection 2011 blusher.  I definitely love the glowy and natural cheeks on me.  If you're like me, crazying about 'limited edition' stuff, this is an absolutely not-to-miss blusher!

You can also read reviews on Lunasol blusher with swatches here from Lunasol Modeling Cheeks review .  She is a beauty blogger from Singapore and has a lot of nice and up-to-date reviews there.  Do check her out :)

Do let me know your view and your favourite item(s) of Lunasol...  Until then.. feel free to comment below:)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lancome Visionnaire [LR2412 4%]

[LR 2412 4%]
Advanced Skin Corrector
Wrinkles - Pores - Evenness
1.0 Oz.

Received a sample of Lancome's newly launched skincare product - Visionnaire (1ml).  It is an advanced skin corrector that reduces fine lines, pores and skin texture imperfections.  It is safe for all skin types, even sensitive skins. 

Visionnaire Skin Corrector contains LR 2412 which is a molecule designed to propel through skin layers.  I have extracted some information about Lancome Visionnaire Skin Corrector:

"On its path, it triggers a cascading series of micro-transformations and acts biologically on the 12 key targets of aging.   LR 2412 is a small molecule. It is also amphiphilic, which means it is able to merge naturally with both aqueous and lipid structures in the skin. As soon as it is applied, LR 2412 therefore merges with surface lipids without impairing skin's barrier function. It is such a visionary molecule that it is now protected by 20 International Patents!"

"It can be integrated into your routine in addition to your usual products. It has a non-oily formula which means that it will not make your skin sticky if you layer it with other products."

"So powerful that 2 out of 3 women tempted by a cosmetic procedure intended to postpone it - based upon the self-assessment of the total of all consumers tested at 4 and 6 weeks." 

Wow...sounds amazing huh?  I have tried it for the past three days (with Lancome Genifique Youth Activator) and so far have not noticed any significant results yet (some said immediate improvement ..).  Anyway, I'm hoping for the 'miracle' improvement in my pores with this limited amount (1ml) of Visionnaire. 

The recommended skincare routine of Visionnaire:
(1) Visionnaire Pre-Correcting Advance Lotion (to prepare and soften skin).
(2) Genifique Youth Activator (serum booster and youth activator)
(3) Visionnaire [LR2412 4%] Advanced Skincare Corrector
(4) Visionnaire [LR2412 4%] Advanced Emulsion
Feel free to comment and thanks for reading:)!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Maquillage - "Sealed with a Kiss"

Read from Cleo Magazine September Edition about Maquillage's new release - liquid rouge.  I was instantly attracted by the model, the concept (beautiful Chu-New-Lip) and of course, the oh-so-kawaii packaging!  It is recommended to go with Maquillage Lighting Eyes Creator and Face Creator (3D) in order to create the "Sealed with a Kiss" Makeup Look. 

Items that I got are:
Maquillage Lighting Eyes Creator - VI342 - S$65

From left to right - Ivory gold, light purple, grayish-brown and light blue (frosty)

① - Brightening Base
②- Clear Sumptous Color
③- Accentuating Shadow
④ - Shimmery Pearl

Spread ① over the entire eyelid.
Apply ② over the sockets.
Apply ③ from the outer and inner corners towards the center, along the hollow of the eyes.

For elegant sheen look
Apply ④ pearl powder over the entire upper eyelid with the brush to achieve a refined sheen.

For glamorous luster look
Dab ④ pearl powder on the center of the lid with your fingertip to create a glamorous luster.
Product description:
A gel-type eye shadow palette from Spring 2011 collection.  Each palette has four colors that creates two different looks - elegant sheen and glamorous luster.  Use the "Shimmery Pearl" on the right of the compact to create different radiant looks to suit all occasions.  The shimmer powder is coated in fine gel beads that maintain color and shine.

Available in:

Jie Jie's view:
It is in soft tone and the shades are very light (as you can see from the swatches).  All shades come with shimmery, especially ④ which has visible glitters.  Pigmentation, as compared to Lunasol is slightly below expectation.  My preference will be ② and ③ for more wearable every day look.  Really like the combination of light purple and grayish-brown that creates the dimension as illustrated in Maquillage website  Maquillage's illustration on Lighting Eyes Creator.  In Jie Jie's view, you can skip this palette if you have the similar colors or prefer more intense colour than natural, or you are not a fan of Maquillage (I do agree that the palette is pricey).  For me, I definitely love this palette although it is shimmery, I just need to apply with a light hand and mix with other matte eye shadow to create an acceptable office look :).
My next pick would be BE313 or PK354 :).

Next will be the highlight of this post - the new liquid rouge!

Liquid rouge (6g) - S$43
The applicator is sponge-tip wand

RS 794 - Blush Rose
The applicator is sponge-tip wand
Product description:
It is a essence glamorous rouge which has gel silicon in it. It has this bounce hold effect to create plumping and gloosing veil (to cover rough and uneven patches).  Non-fragrance.

It has 6 colours available, from natural to glamorous shade:
BE 790 Nude Glamour Beige
RD 791 Harmonious Red
OR 292 Tint Coral
PK 393 Hot Pink (highly recommended shade)
RS 794 Blush Rose (Jie Jie's pick)
RS 595 Rouge Rose

Do check out the commercial video on Liquid Rouge - Chu-New-Lip!  and for intepretation of chu-new-lip.

Jie Jie's view:
It is tinted lip gloss and really creates the plumping effect.  It is moisturing and this liquid rouge has very fine shimmers which is unnoticeable.  The staying power is satisfactory but with slight stickiness on my lips after a few drinks. 

In Jie Jie's view, you should try it, considering the unique packaging and plumping effect.  My next pick would be RD791 or RS 595 :).

I also picked up Maquillage lip liner as I have finished up Revlon color-stay lip liner.

Refill - RD563 - S$24
Lipliner holder - S$29 with lip brush

Product description:
It is a long-wearing lip liner to sculpt your lips beautifully.  It lasts for 6 hours.

Jie Jie's view:
The shade matches my lip tone well.  It glides on smoothly and does not dry my lips.  It is long lasting, same as Revlon's one.  I know, some would probably say it is pricey for a lip liner.  In Jie Jie's view, it is refillable (the refill is S$24) as compared to Revlon lip liner which is about S$19 plus.  I would definitely repurchase it.   

Feel free to comment and thanks for reading :)!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Mask of the day - It's tea time!!

Spotted this mask at Guardian Store near my place last week :)

Earl Grey Tea and Macaron Sheet Mask (One box comes with 2 pieces) - S$3.60 at Guardian Store

Product description:
A brightening pearl mask which helps to illuminate and clarify the face in a 20-minute treatment. Each mask has 23ml of ingredients such as sweet yeast extract, bergamot essential oils, citrus fruits extract (orange and lemon), essence from sweet almond, egg whites and cane sugar and others. Tea protects and perfects skin's whiteness whereas macaron enriches with a translucent brightness. It also contains fragrance.

Jie Jie's view:
I bet no one could resist the packaging, it is absolutely cute and gives you the feel of having elegant afternoon tea! The mask really smells like citrus tea. Just leave it on for about 15 to 20 mins, remove it and pat dry. I normally wait for about one hour or so, then rinse it off with water ('cos the essence had already absorbed into my skin). I can feel that my skin is supple with slight brightening effect. No irritation noted. Thumbs up and must try :)!

MBD Chocolate Truffle Sheet Mask will be next :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blushers and highlighter

Watson is currently having 20% off cosmetics products such as KATE, Canmake, MJ, Revlon etc.  I have been eyeing Canmake and Kate for the last two weeks:

  1. Canmake highlighter
  2. Canmake cheek and cheek 
  3. Kate cheek colour

Canmake highlighter in 05 baby beige - S$11.92 (retail price: S$14.90)

Product description:  It is a highlighter to correct your skin colour so as to keep a healthy glow and bright transparency all day.  The micropowder is smooth and just one swift stroke to complete your finished makeup.

Jie Jie's view: It is beige in pink and pearl undertone.  The texture is soft and blend easily into my skin, it turns out naturally and growy.  I use it with a light hand on my T-zone and dab a bit under eyes area.  The staying power is so so and definitely have to re-touch up for a night out.

Canmake cheek and cheek in 01 Candy Flower - S$15.12 (retail price: S$18.90)

Product description:   Flower-like colors.  The high-color shades will make it look as though your cheeks are suddenly flushed with happiness.  The moist powder clings tightly to your cheeks.  Use the two shades cleverly to make your face look smaller.  It can be used a layer over the top if you are using cream cheek as a base, to make the color last even longer! 

4 shades are available:
01 Candy Flower
02 Rose Tiara
03 Gerbera Kiss
04 Love Blossom

Jie Jie's view:  The blusher is in baby pink and girlish orange, reminds me of Jill Stuart blusher.  The name of the blush is adorable too.  Good pigmentation.  Definitely have to apply with a light hand to avoid looking like a barbie doll.

Left: Baby pink
Right:  Orange
(Sorry that my hp camera wash out the colours by one tone lighter)

Kate cheek colour (by Kanebo) - OR-1 - S$17.60 (retail price: S$22.00)

Product description: 2 shades of cheek color with a rounded brush for a soft chiseled finish.
4 shades are available:

Jie Jie's view:  I love the neutral peach and beige when I tested it on my hand (see photo below).  The texture is soft and not too shimmery.  Good pigmentation.  The combination of peach and beige is a perfect mix for a natural glow to the cheeks :).  The small kabuki brush is soft as it is made of horse hair!   I'm really impressed with Kate blusher, definitely a good buy!

Please share your thoughts if you have tried it before, thanks for reading :)!