Monday, June 20, 2011

Lunasol Summer 2011 makeup collection

Lunasol Summer 2011 makeup collection has finally launched at Takashimaya Singapore in early June 2011 (the one and only counter in Singapore).  The theme of the collection is Ocean Scene which is inspired by summer ocean.  All the items in this collection are limited colours as follow:

Shelly Ocean theme
*EX 01shelly ocean 4-colour eye shadow palette
*EX 01 eye pencil in deep black
* Full glamour liquid lips in EX01 clear beige and EX04 clear red
* Nail polish in EX28 clear white beige and EX31 clear red

Vacation Ocean theme
*EX 02 vacation ocean 4-colour eye shadow palette
* EX02 eye pencil in blue green
* Full glamour liquid lips in EX02 clear coral pink and EX03 clear rose
* Nail polish in EX29 clear pink and EX30 clear rose

Coloring Cheeks (refill)
* EX02 Clear coral pink

(Source: Summer Collection 2011)

For practical reason, I picked up EX 01 - Shelly Ocean.^^

Each shadow has letters printed on it.  However, these letters are so 'fragile' and fade away easily.
The case has LUNASOL logo over it, very uniquely Lunasol.   

Limited edition - EX01 Shelly Ocean (7g) at S$77
Japan retail price (printed on the box) is Yen 5,000 which is almost equivalent to S$77 (inclusive of 7% GST)^^       

The how-to-use instruction is enclosed in the box

From left to right:
Main colour - Light beige
Nuance colour - beige with gold undertone
High light colour - sheer beige
Shade colour - deep beige with noticeable glitters
                          (great for smoky eyes) 
I really amazed by the pigmentation of the eye shadows when I swatched it.  It is a warm tone with generous amount of shimmers (except for deep beige which has noticeable glitters).  The texture of the eye shadow is surprisingly silky and smooth which I absolutely love!  The colours also show up instantly with just one swatch (especially deep beige).  Either use dry or wet, it can be applied alone or together with eye shadow to create the perfect deeply-nuanced eyes.  I do notice that this Summer collection has less shimmery than their past collections, that's why I love about this collection.   

If you prefer a natural and fresh look, this palette is definitely for you.  It is a must-have Summer essentials for sure!!

P/s I'm still contemplating whether to get EX02 vacation ocean, should I or shouldn't I?


  1. 要, 要, 要!! lunasol 顏色很亮. 雖然藍色, 可因該都很漂亮吧? 我超級想要買同系列的腮紅, 可是買了ex02 and other haul 後都破產了. Hehe. I say go for it because limited edition 啊!

  2. I take this review as the e/s is less shimmery compared to the Naked palette and it's more appropriate? Good then, I can't wait my shipment from imomoko arrives!

    I pulled the trigger to get the EX-02 because I found a better deal in a HK site... roughly $315 inclusive of shipping, so I can possibly use it on a nice evening date or something :)

    I think I saw another listing at this price too, let me know if you want to get it too!

    Jenny, I heard that the limited edition blushes tend to be more sparkly... I am actually planning to skip this and save up on a SUQUU e/s and blush that can stick with me for a long time... and again I spent a lot recently so I wont be getting other things.... my hubby is killing me!

  3. @ Jenny, you're right! I got it yesterday!
    @Cutie Fishball - I would say it is comparable to NAKED palette. Haha, glad that you ordered it, no regrets:)

    For the blushes, it is slightly glittery but given that it is Lunasol and limited edition, I accept it:)

  4. Haha, I am looking into SUQQU lately, deciding on a blush from them. Another friend got me the same eyeshadow that Fuz owns, but I am still waiting for her to send it out....

    Anything with the word LE is good for us! I have no problems with shimmery blushes! Other than the shimmers, how's the quality of Lunasol's blushes?

  5. @Cutie Fishball - you've got the SUQQU e/s?? Lunasol blush is gorgeous, you should get it!

  6. Hello!
    Cutiefishball introduce me to your blog ^^
    Seems like we do have a lot in common *lol
    I love PF, Nars, JS, Lunasol, Chanel too.. Hehe
    I got the LE Lunasol Blush- but with one swipe all the over spray is gone :(
    But overall the color is very nice- peachy pink ;)
    I am looking forward to Lunasol Fall! ^^

  7. @misselainnio - hey, thanks for dropping by^^ You've a nice blog! Hope we could meet up since we are in the same island^^

  8. I am jealous of you Jie Jie, you have someone that share common interests and brands close by!!! where's my buddy?