Monday, October 22, 2012

La Mer - The Oil Absorbing Tonic

Hi there, it's Monday and hope you are getting over the "Monday Blue Symptom" if you are working or studying. I'm off today so I have some free time to blog about La Mer product for you:)
La Mer's Oil Absorbing Toner contains mineral water and algae extracts

La Mer - The Oil Absorbing Tonic is a soothing tonic that revitalizes the skin and reduces excess sebum. It suits oily to combination skin like mine.

A product description of La Mer Oil Absorbing Toner:

"The Oil Absorbing Tonic is the vital transition between cleansing and treatment. Infused with colloidal mineral water, the topical benefits of this soothing tonic are readily apparent. La Mer's exclusive Deconstructed Waters™ within the tonic revitalize and enliven the skin with no signs of dehydration. Anti-irritants delivered through these negatively charged waters soothe and tone the skin, preparing it to readily receive the maximum benefits of skincare to follow. The Oil Absorbing Tonic, formulated for oily or problem skin, is infused with algae extracts to significantly reduce excess sebum that can lead to adult breakouts.

Shake gently to activate tonic. After cleansing, moisten a cotton pad and gently apply all over face and neck, dabbing in a gentle press and release motion. Repeat until cotton pad comes away clean."

I do not have acne prone skin but only excess oil sebum on my T zone and cheek area.  After few uses, it minimises the excess sebum on my T-zone but not completely.   Good thing about this toner is it does not over dry my skin. No harsh feeling too.    After few months of using, my pores appear to be more tighten. One thing about this toner is the "powerful" scent at first use. It smells like antiseptic or alcohol which not many ladies would like it.  However, do not worry too much because I find that the scent will slowly tone down after frequent uses.

My first concern of La Mer products is the price. I am not sure if the price justifies the special ingredients which La Mer claims.

La Mer is a luxurious skin care and hence it is costly. It is up to individual to judge whether this toner worths every penny given that other products with reasonable pricing and similar effects that can still achieve the same results for oily or acne skins. If you are not a cost conscious and truly believe in La Mer, then go for it! For me, I may repurchase this tonic again and continue exploring other La Mer products:)

Thanks for reading and have a good day ahead:)

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