Saturday, October 27, 2012

ampm skincare review

From left to right: Skin Ecological Complex, Super Hydra Skin Wakeup Pack
I received two samples of ampm products when I ordered the Naruko Narcissus skincare set. Just a quick headup, ampm is under the umbrella of Naruko Brand. It is specifically formulated for office ladies (or OL) who work in air-conditioned office and work in a stressful environment. So hydration and destress are the focus. It suits all skin types.

Ampm super hydra skin wakeup pack (15g)

The hydra skin wakeup pack is a moisturizing cold mask that can be used every day. It has the following effects:

● It strengthens hydration and provides the skin with intensive replenishment and maintenance of moisture;
● It relieves dry skin, desquamation, etc.;
● It repairs keratin and restores skin’s health;
●It prevents aging and diminishes the appearance of lines due to dryness;
●It aids in the rejuvenation of the skin;
●It makes the skin healthier and maintains moisture balance;
●It leaves the skin watery and supple while strengthening its health;
●It soothes the skin, and
●It strengthens the skin defense.

This hydra wakeup pack is versatile as it can also be used a strongly hydrating sleeping mask at night.

Super hyra skin wakeup pack - in gel

The consistency of this wakeup pack reminds me of aloe Vera gel which helps to heal and soothe dryness of skin. Definitely great for hot summer time.

Super hyra skin wakeup pack- very cooling and absorption is pretty good
I love the cooling sensation when apply. It also did not leave any stickiness on my skin. I think the hydration result is better than the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. The Laneige sleeping packsomehow gave me the stickiness and created more oil sebum for my skin.

I also Iike the idea of re-touch up.  It can be used to touch up any dry patches after few hours in air conditioned space and even on the plane. It is also very handy which fits in my makeup pouch. I may get the full size when I use up my current skincare stash.

Ampm skin ecological complex (10ml)

It aims in self-repairing, anti-aging and reducing dullness. After few uses, I noticed that the luminosity of my skin had improved slightly, nothing more. Overall hydration is good. Will I get the full size? Maybe not as it is just a very normal moisturizer to me. (Note: I tried to find the product description from Naruko's offical Website Taiwan but not available, perhaps it has already discontinued?)

Skin ecological complex- This moisturizer is in liquid and very runny.
Thanks for reading and hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead:)

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