Monday, March 21, 2011

Smile and have faith♥

I know this via Michelle Phan's video - Delicate Cherry Blossom.

I felt like crying my heart out after listening to Mika's songs.. especially with Japan disaster, my heart feels heavy with grief. 

Smile is the only way to make my heart calm.  Faith is what I need to believe there is still hope for tomorrow.

Sharing these meaningful songs by Mika Nakashima中島美嘉:

(1) 桜色舞うころ Sakurairo Mau Koro (lit. When the Cherry Blossoms Color Flutters)

Sakurairo Mau Koro

(2) 雪の華 Yuki no Hana 

Yuki no hana


  1. Oh it's this song! I remember I used to listen to Mika Nakashima's songs a lot when I was in my teens, and when I was crazy about J-Pop...

    You know, I absolutely love cherry blossom. I collect Japanese things with cherry blossom on it (like Japanese fabrics with cherry blossoms and also with rabbit prints), cherry blossom green tea (But they dont taste that great) etc.....

    Actually I was planning to take pictures with cherry blossom with my tailored wedding gown (hence the planned trip this fall or next spring in Sendai), but now it won't happen and my hubby is not letting me to go to Japan... sigh!

    and per michelle's video, her inspiration for her look is great, but it's hard for me to use that kind of color on my eyes since I may look like I got bruised eyes or something with this... this look is best for girls with very pale skin I supposed...

  2. I'm hooked on this song instantly and it still lingers on my mind..

    When is your actual wedding day? I can envisage a lovely couple walking under the shade of the cherry-blossoms. So sweet^^

    Ya, agree.. my eyes will look puffy^^. I love her creativity and overall video presentation. Michelle is the first YT makeup guru that I watched since year 2009.

  3. Hello Jie Jie!! Lovely blog! Thank you so much for coming by my blog. I am so glad you commented because now I found your blog as well. <3

    I <3 Mika's song as well! It's so beautiful.....

  4. Jie Jie, I got married back in 2008, 8/8 (same day as China Olympics openning!!)

    Then last may, we had the reception and banquet in HK. I love to have pictures taken with a cherry blossom background with my gown... but this may not happen at this rate...

    I have been watching michelle's vidoes for a while too! And now she is getting so popular...!!

    I am better off with nude/brown towns shadows I supposed. I love pinks and purples but they just doesnt work well for me... I just wish I have paler skin somehow... oh well...

  5. wow, about 2 year plus^^ hmm..its time to start family lah:)

    Yup, Michelle is YT celebrity now and her videos are getting more 'serious' and professional.. Me too, warm colours suit me well, bright colours are definitely out..

  6. Jie Jie, you are not the only person asking me to start planning to have kids.... having kids is a huge commitment and it needs loads of planning... I don't want to have remorse if I am not ready arrrr

  7. did you win Fuz's giveaway??? As expected, I didn't win... I have no luck in any kind of lucky draws....

  8. Nope, I didn't. Me too, luck always not on my side ^~^

  9. I rather buy it myself... I never have luck in winning any lottery or such...