Sunday, November 6, 2011

Naruko review - Narcissus Total Defense (Part I)

I got to know Naruko through Fuzkittie, a Youtube beauty guru :).  Just google it and you will find her reviews and also reviews from other beauty bloggers raving about Naruko products and ways to order it.  You can either do a bulk order (basically sharing shipping costs with your friends or other buyers) at Naruko Taiwan Official website in Mandarin.  My beauty pal, cutie fishball recently ordered her Naruko from Naruko Taiwan website, check out her post here :).

I'm glad that I can either order directly from Naruko Singapore or get it from selected Watson Stores in Singapore, although the pricing is averagely about 40% more, but thinking of the shipping costs and waiting time etc etc.. 

A quick snapshot of Naruko if you're new to Naruko.  Naruko is a Taiwanese skincare brand created by a skincare Doctor, Niu Er.  He is very popular in Taiwan and has been sharing his beauty tips in a Taiwanese beauty show called Beauty Queen and Beauty Queen Magazine.  

As far as I know, correct me if I'm wrong, Fuzkittie should be the first beauty guru introducing Naruko (she is a regular Naruko user for years, I think).  Do check out her latest videos here Fuzkittie's review. She always gives her honest opinion, no exaggerating.

I started using Naruko products not long ago, the first one is Naruko Narcissus Total Defense and follow by Magnolia from the Firming and anti-wrinkle series, Raw Job's Tears.  I will also be starting on the Apple Seed treatment once I'm done with Naruko Narcissus.  So stay tuned if you're interested:).

Here's my view on Naruko products which I had already finished/almost finishing.

Naruko Narcissus Total Defense (contains Narcissus bulb extract and the patented Phytoferulin)

Product description: 

Mousse Facial Wash (150ml)

This mousse facial wash transforms into foaming mousse instantly upon one pump.  The rich foam swiftly dissolves dirt and impurities.  Narcissus bulb extract and the patented Phytoferulin complex are added to to help revitalize the skin and retain needed moisture.  It rinses easily and leaves the skin soft, smooth and healthy.

Make-up Removing Mousse (150ml)

This oil-based makeup remover transforms into foaming mousse instantly upon one pump.  The rich foam rapidly dissolves dirt and makeup and deep cleans the pores.  It contains narcissus bulb extract and the patented Phytoferulin complex that revitalizes the skin.  The residue-free formula leaves the skin soft, smooth and healthy.

From left to right: Makeup remover and facial wash.
It has the same packaging with a pump.

These two products have the similar foams.
Jie Jie view:

Basically, these two products look the same to me.  It does the basic cleaning and leaves the moisture on my skin.  It has this 'gel' thing (perhaps it's the Narcissus extract bulb or the Phytoferulin complex) in it.  I kept rubbing my skin and somehow the oiliness on my skin cannot be taken away, same for the makeup remover.  In my view, it suits dry skin more than combination/oily skin.  It is also a personal preference that I prefer more thorough cleansing formula, it is just too mild for me.  

My recommendation for Naruko: please consider reformulating the makeup remover so as to distinguish it from the facial wash, making it a more powerful makeup remover.

Do let me know your view of Naruko...  Until then.. feel free to comment below:)


  1. I use the makeup remover every evening, but I have to agree that it's not enough. I use it along with my cleansing oil. :)