Sunday, March 13, 2011

Majolica Majorca - Spring Collection 2011 - Sugary Trap - Follow up

Sugary Trap
"A little afraid? Even so, you want to get closer, don't you?
I already know that.
If you come across sweet and rosy cheeks,
you won't be able to look the other way."

The theme says it all,  the colours are just so sweet... No one, especially beauty fanatics, can resist it, 100% satisfaction guarantee!!  ^-^
*Pressed pore powder (10 g)- Retail price S$33.90, Puff de Cheek (7 g) - Retail price S$22.90
I bought these at 20% discount at Watson Store ^-^*

For the pressed pore powder, I think the powder is a permanent item whereas the case is limited edition (in sweet pastel colour).  The design is same as the existing black case. 

* Swatch on pressed pore powder *

*Afer blending..*
After blending it on my hand/face, it basically leaves skin smooth and look translucently.  My face appears matte and non-shimmery.  

The powder can be used in two ways:
(1) Use it alone as face powder.
(2) With foundation on, apply it to give a matte and silky finish.   

FYI, it also prevents shine, greasiness and contains acne resistant formula (hmm...'doubting'..).  In my view, it does not really "pressed' the appearance of pores but I agree on the smooth finish, just like a porcelain doll..

Grab it if you adore the limited edition case!!


Ok, move on to the blushes, the next point of focus!!  If you wish to have a sweet and kissable cheeks, you will definitely love the colours as much as I do :D.   The colours are just so sugary, romantic and fairly tales. 

I used Puff de Cheek in Apricot as part of my makeup routine last few days ago.  Apricot colour is growy and natural on my skin tone.  Its also long lasting (it lasted more than 8 hours until I reach home ^-^)

FYI, the blush contains microparticle powder and macadamia oil.  It will stay bright for long hours of wearing ( wonder..)

*From left to right - Apricot, Strawberry, Peach*
 Strawberry will give you rosy cheeks, as for apricot and peach will be more glowy.
*After blending - sheer finish and give sweety glowing cheeks*
The pigmentation is ok.  I have to swatch at least two times to pick up the colours initially.  Best use with kabuki brush (remember to dust off the excess).

*Top - Pressed pore powder, followed by
Apricot, Strawberry, Peach*
I have also swatched the colour on cotton pad, the colours showed up nicely, close to the product colours ^-^

*It comes with a soft cute puff with a matching colour bow, so so adorable ^-^...*
To ahieve natural growing cheeks, use kabuki/any blusher to apply the blush onto the apples of your cheeks and swirling (lightly) it all the way up to the temple (including outer eye area). 

By the way, apricot reminds me of M.A.C My Highland Honey (from the Tartan Tale Collection December 2010).  I have compared the two colours side by side, the colours appear to be similar. 

*My Highland Honey, Apricot*

*Last row - My Highland Honey*

My Highland Honey appears to be more peachy base as compared to apricot with little bit of pink base.  

My favourite is apricot followed by peach - cos it is wearable and growy colours for Spring 2011!!

I won't recommend getting it if you already have the similar blush colours.

Grab it if you don't want to miss out MJ Spring Collection 2011!!

"Sweet cheeks every time without fail."


  1. I think I like the Peach color from your swatches... the strawberry is cute but the color works better on paler skin, and as you can tell, I am not that pale at all... lovely colors needless to say!

    how about the lasting powers? I know ppl said that MJ blushes are quite sheer, but I havent heard much about the lasting powers at all...

  2. Yes, long lasting on me even after a day's work without touching up.. Its great for busy working lady like me;p

  3. I dunno about you, but I am not that kind that like to retouch or reapply make up during the day... so lasting power is important to me haha!

  4. great comparisons! I wanna try these MJ blushes they look so cute and pretty!

  5. I"m so jealous of these!!! I can't find them anywhere here! =[

    Oh and also I replied to your comment!

  6. @Eva - agreed:D
    @Misojenny - thanks :D