Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weekly photo challenge#11

Hi everyone, finally I have free time to blog! It's a long weekend in Singapore as the coming Monday is a Public Holiday^^

Here's my post on Yumeko's Weekly Photo Challenge #11 (in case you're new to my blog, please see my previous posts  here  and Yumeko's website here )

Yumeko's Weekly Photo Challenge #11 - Hey, how was your week?

1. Something you ate this week

Recently, I have been enjoying Mr Bean's Soya Pudding. It's sooo silky smooth and melt in you mouth effortlessly... Thumbs up!

And potato chips while watching the Olympic Games! Who can resist it??? I like Boulder Canyon potato chips for its all natural ingredients.

2. Something you bought this week

DSW shoes

Gripz shoes

Dressy clothings

I have a soft spot for flat shoes and low heels :) Picked up these shoes from DSW and Gripz. Both are local brands from Singapore. I like their chic and trendy designs! Each Gripz's shoe comes with a dust bag..aren't the pink look oh-so-gorgeous?


Bought the blazer and top at Dressy store. They are having 20% off for new arrival:)  

3. Something you wore this week

Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose - loving the mix of rose and vanilla scent.

NYX Eyeshadow (from left to right - Frosted flake, Slate, Iced Mocha) I wore iced mocha on my eye lid and frosted flake for the brow bone.

KATE blush - OR-1 - This orangy blush comes with a decent brush (click Kate cheek blush review for my review). This blush is versatile as the lighter shade can be used as highlights for cheek bone and face.

Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Waterproof - I will be doing a review soon.  Please drop by my blog if you are interested^^.

4. Something you read this week

Women's Weekly Mag (liking this page on how to get your foundation right) and some articles by Marc and Angel Hack Life  Most of their articles are about practical tips for every day life. 

5. Something that make you smile this week

(Latest Autumn 2012 collection from Les Merveilleuses de Ladurée Japan website)

* Thanks for reading and have a good weekend! *


  1. thanks for joining in!
    i fixed the link on my blog for you [u can put a long link in, no worries :D]
    u just made it, i was actually closing the link page XD [i was starting to get spam on it and no one joined in the last 3 days so i was going to close it XD

    omg mr bean. so envious!!!

  2. NIce challenge! Yes, you must munch on snacks while watching the Olympics. haha Cute shoes

  3. @Yumeko - Glad that I catched the last train!

    @Popcorn - Thanks for dropping by:) Please join Yumeko's challenge too:)