Saturday, February 12, 2011

Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast skincare is Australian owned and made. Their products are made from a complex balance of organic and native ingredients, sophisticated herbal extracts, potent essential oils and active plant concentrates. I bought Coastal Fruit Fibre Treatment Mask @SGD 56 (with free box of Outback Fruit Fibre Eye Mask cost at SGD 48) and coastal rejuvenating face polisher at SGD 43.

I have tried the eye mask today. I can't see instant brightening effect on my dark circles but the mask did moisturise my eyes area well and absorbed quickly.. I like mask which can absorb well, no 'burning' effect and importantly - non- stickiness feel. It doesn't have smell (free of artificial fragrances) as well.
My thought is the price is pricey given that each mask costs about SGD 13 as compared to other brands such as My Beauty Diary which cost about SGD 1.59 per piece. I guess it is the ingredients that count as it is made from organic, non-artificial fragrances and colours, free of common synthetic ingredients and harsh mineral oils..
In short, it is eco skincare.. I will try the face mask tomorrow and blog with more photos :)

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