Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Face Shop - Facial Mask

I got this set of 5 masks during Christmas in 2010. The set comprise Power Treatment Gel Mask focusing on skin concerns :

(a) Whitening - hydrogel infused with a potent skin whitening blend of Arbutin and extracts of Mulberry plant brightens and revitalizes the skin.
(b) Detox & antioxidation - hydrogel infused with powerful anti-oxidants including ginseng and jujube neutralizes free radicals and helps premature aging while reinforcing skin's moisture.
(c) Firming & wrinkle-care - hydrogel infused with a skin rejuvenating blend of pomegranate, fig, ginko and hydrolyzed collagen lifts, plumps slackened skin and leaves skin growing with deep moisture.
(d) Soothing & Repair - hydrogel infused with skin soothing honey suckle flower and other plant extracts instantly relaxes tired skin and calms your senses.

(e) Clarifying & pore care - hydrogel infused with AHA and vitamin-rich fruit extracts clarifies skin and provides gentle exfoliation to help reduce excess oil and pore clogging debris.
I'm trying the clarifying & pore care today.
It is gel-mask comes with 2 parts (one for upper face and lower face) to fit any face size. This gel mask really 'stick' onto your face well and basically you can walk around without worrying it to slip off.. I found that essense can absorb well onto your skin with gel mask. It has cooling effect and non-stickiness feel. I left it on for about 25 minutes and felt my skin is moisture with growy look. I'll try out Mask (a) to (d) next week ^_^

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