Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Love package from MisoJenny♥

Just received the package from Misojenny today, she is such a lovely 妹妹 (sister).  Items that she picked up for me are:

(A) Kiehls's
(1) Midnight Recovery Concentrate (30 ml)
(2) Lip balm with SPF 4 sunscreen (15 ml)
(3) Cryste Marine "Ultra Riche" Lifting and Firming Cream (50 ml)
(4) Imperial Body Balm with sea buckthorn berry oil (15 ml)
(5) Powerful-strength line-reducing concentrate (sample)

(B) NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base
(C) Blingtone - diamonds and pearls eyeshadow
(D) OPI nail polish - Chapel of Love
(E) Forever 21 necklace

★ denotes HG product on my wish list^^

Can't wait to try HG Kiehl's midnight recovery concentrate^^

Another HG product - NARS cos it is not available in SG yet^^
Wow, powerful-strength line reducing o_O... I definitely need this^^

Forever 21 necklace, how I wish I could be Forever 21♥^^

Very neon pink, reminds me of Hello Kitty♥^^ 
Thanks Jenny Mei Mei!!


  1. What an amazing package!! :)

  2. yay I'm so glad you liked everything! Love you! <3

  3. Thanks Mindy and Jenny <3 :)

  4. wow Jenny is sooo nice! I still haven't got her package yet (which is strange!) and she got you the NARS already!!! One thing off your wish list!

    (how did she know you are looking for NARS btw??)

    (well, Clarisonic still remains on your list right?)

    Now you have the Kiehl's lip balm, you can compare it with Carmex... don't you feel they are very similar in texture???

  5. oh my earrings on your profile pic!!! I am flattered!!!!

  6. yes, it is. To me the only differnce is the scent.

    Yes yes, Clarisonic, and more to come:)

    Now that you notice, I have been waiting for your comments for few day ar ;p

  7. haha, sorry, I have been busy on some gigs lately. I am trying to make a small accessories bag that is taking me for ages!!! I still have other projects I want to complete.

    btw, have you decided which one to go yet, pro or the mia? And have you pick a color?

  8. and re carmex and kiehls. Since they are so similar and works about the same, I will pick carmex over kiehls because of its price point and higher SPF, hahaha!!!

  9. I can't help myself staring at your nails. it's so beautiful^^ love the coralish tone <3

  10. Since you haven't written a new blog post.. I will have to post on this one lol.

    Happy Mother's day! I appreciate all mothers out there and wishing all of you a very happy day. I know it is not easy being a mom! <3

  11. @cutie fishball - yes I can see that you're slowing down <3(LOL). Thanks:)

    @Lina Kim - Hi Lina, thanks:)

    @Misojenny - Thanks Jenny <3

  12. Happy Mother's Day! You deserve a nice day out with your love. Minus the crowds of course!

    Am I slowing down? Oh no... I need to pick it up again as I promised to make Jenny something... and I have been way behind.... and at the same time looking for more gigs too...

  13. Thanks CF:), my very first subscriber!