Monday, May 2, 2011

Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Spot-Control Base UV

Shiseido White Lucent Line
Background information on Shiseido White Lucent:

Shiseido launched the White Lucent Line in early 2010 in Singapore.  The White Lucent Line aims to brighten the complexion and reduce hyper-pigmentation.  It is packed with a powerful whitening ingredient m-Tranexamic Acid, this line not only aims to provide radiance and glow to your skin, but also target persistent spots and decrease melanin production.  Please visit for more information.

Shiseido has launched three new products recently under its White Lucent Line:
- Brightening Spot-Control Foundation with SPF 25PA+++
- Brightening Skin Powder (Limited Edition)
- Brightening spot-control UV base SPF 35 PA+++ ($75, 30ml) 

In this post, I will be reviewing the Brigtening spot-control UV base.  The UV base is formulated with whitening ingredient m-Tranexamic Acid (improved formula) which can protect skins from spot-forming factors and correct skin colour imperfections. It can be used as makeup primer to help the foundation spread evenly and last longer.  The UV base is available in three shades as follow:

- Ivory (to correct uneven skin tone)
- Pink (to correct dull or yellowish skin)
- Green (to neutralise redness)

I picked up green to target on the redness on my cheek areas.

My thoughts on this products:

(a) well asborb and no sticky feeling
(b) it does brighten my skin maybe due to melanin-suppressing ingredient
(c) it can be used as a light sun block with/without face powder

The UV base has light coverage on redness and leaves my skin a bit shiny.  In overall, this product is not a big disappointment and I will try other two shades - Ivory and Pink in coming posts^^.  Let me know your view if you've tried it:)


  1. Is this the same one that you sent Fuz? I guess this is another Asia exclusive things right? I think I used to have something similar from Sofina before...

    so would you say that this is a primer with skin care properties?

  2. oh I forgot to mention, this is another article on lunasol water gel foundation:

  3. Yes, it has skin care ingredients in it:) This is the one I sent to Misojenny.

    Yup, I read Bella's blog and have to put Lunasol water gel foundation on wait list:p

  4. I love this in pink! You def need to try the pink one! It is my HG now! <3

  5. @jenny, yes I'm going to get the pink one <3!

  6. Jenny and Jie Jie are so in love. So many <3 back and forth, lol!!!

    Lunasol gel foundation on your wait list? what's the difference between wait list and wish list in your definition??? haha