Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chanel Summer 2011 Collection

My first impression on Chanel Summer 2011 collection is the pretty pink and shimmering yellow-gold colours, very refreshing and vibrant.

Click here to view: Chanel Summer 2011 Collection

#32 Lilium - S$87
I picked up Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow in #32 Lilium.  Chanel lady at the counter told me that this is the first time Chanel come up with turquoise colour in this Summer Collection.

From left to right in cockwise - peach-tinged pink (close to pink champagne), deep teal green (close to turquoise), pinky mauve (close to grey), and light celadon green (ligther green).  These pastel eyeshadows have subtle shimmer and sheer. 

The texture is sheer and shimmery, it can be applied wet for intense colour 
 But I noticed that the eyeshadow packaging is different from the US version (see attached).  Maybe someone can enlighten me on this?  The eyeshadow in this picture is more refined than the one that I got.

Next item is Chanel long-lasting eyeliner in Rose Platine (limited edition).

Chanel long-lasting eyeliner - S$ 35

Initially, I thought the shade is in rosy colour but in fact the shimmer colour is in between silver and bronze.  This eyeliner glides on smoothly and compliment well with lighter eyeshadows.  I think it is a versatile eyeliner that can be used as highlighter as well as eyeshadow.  Note that it is waterproof. 

Moving on to the gorgeous limited edition nail polish which I obsolutely love! 
S$ 36, 13ml
From left to right, Le Vernis 577 Mimosa is a shimmering yellow and Le Vernis 557 Morning Rose is in pink. 

Two coats are good to match the bottled colour perfectly. The brush is slightly small and a bit fast drying.  You need patience when you apply Mimosa.  It is not easy to apply as two coats cannot cover the nail completely, with obvious streaky lines.  Practice makes perfect!

Pretty pink with gold sparkles
Morning rose is definitely wearable for work. I don't know why but these shades somehow linked me to watermelon, just too sweet to pass up!

I'm going to get Chanel bronzer and Le Vernis 567 Beige Petale which is the perfect blend of neutral beige and natural pink, hope it is still available:).


  1. yay I'm first I'm first!! See how much I love you? lol!

    Love love love the Chanel quad you got! yes the US version have the little squares instead. Either way, circle or square still adorable! I think Beige Petale will be gorgeous!

    Spring and summer makes me want to buy so much makeup I don't know why. LOL Great pictures!


  2. Instead of "Dior Addict" I think I should call you the "Chanel Addict"!! I am seeing you hauling lots of Chanel beauty products lately!

    Coincidentally, I think this quad that you get has a very similar color tone to the Jill Stuart limited edition eyeshadow, minus the sparkly of course!

    I love your nail color, I think it reminded me of watermelon flavored bubble gums!

    I heard back from momo, I am going to order my limited edition Lunasol's online... it's sad that Lunasol doesnt have counters in small cities in Japan!

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  4. @misojenny - thanks you're such a sweet girl:)
    @Cutie fishball - LOL..yes I am..I just couldn't resist Chanel.. Next will be Lunasol for sure!

  5. I read from miss elain-nio's blog that Lunasol launched the lunasol LE line in Takashimaya on June 8, are u heading over to get one for yourself?

  6. I got the LE Lunasol in EX1 and EX2 but I didn't get the blush and EX 3 not available here WAHHHH T.T Are you getting any??

  7. @cutie fishball ~ really? I didn't know! I hope it is still available..

    @ Misojenny ~ not yet..you're so fast!