Sunday, July 3, 2011

Clarisonic Plus

So excited that my buddy ~ Cutie Fishball got me Clarisonic Plus from a online shop! 

The set comes with:

(a) Clarisonic Plus (with 3-speed settings for facial and body)

This cleansing brush has an unique flower-print design and purple is my favourite colour^^.  I think the design is a limited edition.

(b) A charging cradle
It is compatible with international and domestic outlets (100-240 volts AC; 50/60 Hz) with the respective country plug adaptor
It has to be charged overnight (at least 24 hours) for first time use.  A full charge (4 green lights) allows up to 30 minutes of use and about 20 minutes of use with the optional body brush head. 
(c) 3 types of brush head for face - for all skin types

Brush head with grey base - for normal skin and it is also ideal for use on the body.
Brush head in pale blue base - for delicate skin (ultra sensitive skin). It is ideal for skin sensitivities like rosacea and acne-prone skin 
Brush head in white base - for sensitive skin and ideal for body as well.
It is recommended to remove the brush head and clean it weekly with soap and warm water, and replace the brush heads every 3 to 4 months.

(d) A body brush head

Clarisonic Body Brush Head - a gentle brush that is used on body especially decollete, hands, arms, elbows and feet. It also helps to exfoliate rough or dry patches and prepare our skin to better absorb skin care products.
The benefits of the Clarisonic Body Brush Head are:
  • Noticeably softer and smoother skin
  • Firmer skin, with improved texture
  • Fewer dry patches
  • Better absorption of skin care products in areas cleansed with the Body Brush Head

 (e) Clarisonic refining skin polish for body
The Clarisonic refining skin polish has antioxidants green tea and wine extracts, jojoba beads, prickly pear, bamboo and acai fruit oil.
Benefits include:
  • gentle exfoliation
  • increased skin firmness
  • skin brightening
  • softening and soothing

(f) Philosophy one-step facial cleanser

 This cleanser helps to:
  • deep cleans pores and eliminates makeup build-up
  • hydrate and melt away makeup
It is fragrance-free with pleasant scent (more of rosewood scent) and fragrance-free.

(g) Philosophy life's a beach - shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath

It has a tropical furit scent (as you can see from the product packaging) due to pineapple and coconut extracts, very refreshing and wonderful smell.

(h) Philosophy hope in a jar

It hydrates and reduce the effect of environmental attack so as to achieve healthy-looking skin with a rosy glow.

I have already tested it for about a week and will post up my thoughts on Clarisonic Plus soon^^. 


  1. Yay, 1st! This time I beat Jenny!

    Finally you opened it up and tried it! Make sure you moisturize your face as thorough cleansing will tend to dry our your skin too...

    I am glad you like your QVC limited edition Clarisonic. I bet your have the only one island-wide. It's even sold out on the their website now!

    haha, I can tell u havent open some of the tubes up as I have taped the opening with my own tapes to prevent messy leakage!

    Once you figured out which brush heads you like the most, or you want to try the new deep cleansing brush head, I will send refills of them over!

  2. Thanks cutie fishball!! Clarisonic is my HG for now and no words can describe it^^

  3. NoOoOOoo!!! Olivia beat me! lol

    I <3 my Clarisonic too!