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Naruko review - Narcissus Total Defense (Part II)

Following up my last post on Narcissus Total Defense Part I, here's part II of my review of toner and serum.

Naruko Narcissus Total Defense (contains Narcissus bulb extract and the patented Phytoferulin)


Moisturing Dew (150ml)

Product description:

This moisturizing dew is designed to soothe and quickly replenish the skin with hydration. Narcissus bulb extract, the patented Phytoferulin complex, Tremella Fuciformis and Hyaluronan have been selected to protect the skin from environmental damage during the day. The lotion reveals soft, smooth and translucent skin.

Night Repairing Dew (150ml)

Product description:

This repairing dew is designed to promote skin's self repair duing the night time. Using Narcissus bulb extract and the patented Phytoferulin complex, as well as double amount of Tremella Fuciformis and Hyaluronan, it revitalizes and neutralizes the skin. Skin will look replenished with boosted translucency and radiance.

Jie Jie view:

This is a clear 'gelish-watery' type of toner.  Apply it with a cotton pad and the toner dries up well on my skin.  It has this little 'cooling' sensation, leaving a nice scent of narcissus.  My skin feels so smooth and hydrated, great for hot and humid weather here in Singapore.  However, what's puzzling me is the texture of the day toner and the night toner look the same to me (it's unnecessary repetition), so far I don't see a significant difference in results.  This toner/dew overall is a gentle toner with good hydration level.  It suits all skin types.

Product description:

Moisturizing Day Protector (120ml)

This new advanced day protector formulated with the patented Phytoferulin complex and Narcissus bulb extract to help promote a moisture barrier and further protect the skin. Manufactured by a unique technology allows maximum absorption and seals the skin away from the damage of the environment.

Moisturizing Night Repair (120ml)

This night repair is designed for the skin's self repair during the night. A unique technology produces its fine texture to ensure deeper absorption, providing skin the opportunity for its own repairing from inside out. The high concentration of narcissus bulb extract and patented Phytoferulin formula provides endurance for the skin's restoration all night long.

Jie Jie view:

The texture is different from the toner/dew as mentioned above which is in milky form.  I was wondering whether this is a toner or light lotion, until Fuzkittie mentioned that it is a toner :)!  Again, it works the same as toner, just that it is more moisturizing than the toner/dew, leaves skin more moist and supple.  I would say that it is ideal for night time or during winter time.

On the other hand, just a little bit disappointed with the moisturizing night repair, which it claims that it is designed for skin's self repair during the night.  Anyway, I should not expect more on the quality because of the pricing.  "You get what you pay for."     

Final thoughts
If you have a normal skin and are wondering which toner should you get, I would suggest moisturing dew for the day and moisturing night repair for the night.


Product description:

Fundamental Serum (30ml)

This serum contains a special formula that reaches deep down into the skin, fighting aging while preventing moisture loss and revitalising the skin.

Jie Jie view:

This serum is in gel form (almost watery texture).  It absorbs into my skin well when applied during day and night.  Two to three drops are sufficient to cover the whole face and neck areas.  I find it weird about the scent.  It has the nice narcissus scent when used at initial stage, but scent has swiftly turned into 'rubbery' smell after subsequent uses.  Despite of the weird scent, I can't believe that the serum is almost finishing with 5% left, lasted for about one and half month (if use day and night)!  In my opinion, it is a very basic serum as stated.      

Just a note if you're not sure about the difference between serum and moisturizer, serum is a lighter version of moisturizer, it gives you supplemented moisture into deeper layers of skin, it works like an added nutrients to your skin.

**Coming Up**
Narcissus AA Foaming Wash
- Narcissus Repair Cream
- Naruko Tea Tree Oil Out Balancing Serum

Please check back soon for more review on the above:)
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  1. I think I agree with you on the smell... I know how Narcissus smells like but somehow this Naruko Narcissus line smells a little rubbery or soapy to me?

    I have just finished part of my Narcissus and will be moving on to raw job's tear or some other serums I hauled recently from TW lately (Dr Wu or Neogence)..... I have maybe 2 more months to use some thicker formula before switching to something lighter!

  2. I would say only this serum which is exceptionally weird. Do let me know your view on raw job's tear. I'm using the Tea Tree Oil Out serum and so far liking it:)