Sunday, February 12, 2012

Majolica Majorca - Glass Trick - Chapter 32

Introducing MM's Chapter 32 - Winter Collection - Glass Trick.  As you can see from the picture above, the collection theme is all about creating glassy blue, and lasting fairy tale moments (indeed very "Cinderella").
Majorca has launched the following items in this Glass Trick Collection:
Lash Expander Frame Plus (mascara)
Dress Glove Cream (hand cream)
Nail polish - Artistic Nails, Glass drop gel coat
Honey pump lip gloss

Check out their website for their full collection on pictures and product descriptions here.

Items that I picked up from this colleciton are:

Lash Expander Frame Plus (6g - SGD 25.90) - Limited edition

Got this set (mascara with a free wrislet pouch in light blue) at SGD25.90 ^^
  Each set has three different designs but I like this pouch with lacy details..

Liking the blueish design.  Swatch this blue-black mascara on my hand (with noticable blue glitters).

Different from Majorca's permenant items, this new mascara is in blue-black liquid with fine blue glitter and jet black fibers.  As the product says, it gives dramatic lashes with super lengthening effect.  Waterproof resistant to sweat, sebum and tears.    I will come back with a quick review once I try it out.

Artistic Nails (Speedy & Glossy) (4.5ml - SGD7.10) - Limited edition

Noticeable silver and orange glitters at closer look.

It has fine glitters in different colours (such as green, purple, silver, orange) with subtle pale pink base.
Another item that worths checking out is:

Dress Glove Cream (SGD 10.50)
This is Majorca's first scented and sparkling hand creams. It is formulated with raspberry and rose extract for extra silky moisture, with velvety-smooth glove feel. It can be used for body.  This cream has glitters in it so skip it if you dislike it.  I didn't pick up this item as I have too many hand creams lining up...:(

My quick thought about this collection - If you allow me, I'm a little bit 'dissappointed' with this collection.   In fact, I expect to see more surprising and fairy tale items in this Glass Trick Collction.

Overall, it is not very fascinating like the past collection - Sugary Trap (click here for my Sugary Trap review).  Since its big hit Sugary Trap collection, Majorca has since 'slowed down' in creativity, not sure whether this is a good thing though..

**Coming up**
MJ Spring 2012 makeup collection had already launched at selected Watson Stores - click here for more info on this collection^^

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  1. oh the blusish mascara looks lovely... must looks nice with a blue eyeshadow night look, esp it has glitters!!! I wish they will be available online soon so I can haul it.... sometimes I get tired with black mascara....

    and it will look great with the teal/blue/purple mac pearlglides liner! I need to pay close attention!

  2. Agree:) This blue mascara can definitely spice up the look, great for a fun night out for sure.

  3. I think when I can see it popping out online I will get it... sometimes plain black mascara can be really boring....

  4. oh my gosh, i found it on ebay for $23usd! emmmm but it doesnt come with a wristlet like urs.... damn, why are things so marked up for US people????

  5. LOL:)...same here in Singapore, US brands (e.g. Revlon, Urban Dacay) are marked up like crazy, arghh...

  6. let's switch, I get u revlon and urban decay u get me some drugstore goodies!

    I almost forgot i gotta bid on the MJ mascara.... hope it is still there!

  7. haha:) I don't mind at all! By the way, got the MJ mascara for you;p