Monday, June 11, 2012

Joining - Yumeko Friday Photo Meme ^^

Hi there, so sorry that it's been three months since my last post on Naruko...

I came across Photo Meme from Rouge Deluxe - Friday photo meme - what is new edition where she joined Yumeko's regular post of Friday Photo Meme where each post comes with different theme^^  see link here Yumeko's Friday Photo Meme

So here I am, sharing my first post of Yumeko’s Friday Photo Meme – What’s new edition.

1. Something you bought recently

Some stuff that I got from SASA store and watson:
K-palette concealer
Facial Cleansing Brush
Beauty So Clean - Cosmetic Sanitizer
Phyto Paris - Densifying Treatment Shampoo

2. Something you got in the mail this week

Ok, I'm stuck with this topic 'cos things that I got are mostly bills.:)  Sorry, no photos..

3. Something you could not live without this week

For this question, I go by the first thing that came into my mind - Makeup!  As I wear makeup for work everyday so these are items which I can't live without before I step out of my house:)

4. Something you are trying out this week

This was a birthday gift from my girlfriends.  Liking the UD De Slick makeup setting spray cos it really makes my makeup stays longer after 8-hour wear, and less oily T- zone.

 5. Something you are wearing this week

I wear these earrings and rings almost everyday, these are from Fie Japan which is my favourite place to shop<3!  Another item is this simple blue dress from G2000 that I wore.  A classic style that I always go for without cracking my head on what to wear:)

That's all I have to share and definitely look forward to another Yumeko photo meme this week:)


  1. thanks for linking me!!

    i am a HUGE fan of the deslick spray! i am glad to hear its working for you!
    i am curious to know how the cleansing brush is working out for you

    i really like the color of your dress too

    thank you for playing! hope u play again this friday :D

  2. HI! I happen to pass by fie japan at bugis junction, can i ask if their rings will rust?