Saturday, April 23, 2011

Shu Uemura - UV Under Base Mousse (Sakura Collection Spring 2011)

I'm very lucky to get my hands on this Limited Shade - BB Beige!!  I visited Shu Uemura store at Orchard ION last week and found out that it is sold out within 3 days since its launch date.  I managed to order at the Shu Uemura store and here it is:).

UV under base mousse (SPF 30 PA+++)- 65g S$78
Its like BB cream with lighter texture than normal BB cream
It is a makeup base to prepare the skin for "petal-soft" and pore-less complexion.
I've definitely fallen in love with this primer for:
(1) light texture with SPF 30PA+++
(2) uniqueness (it is in mousse foam just like chocolate mousse ^^)
(3) easy to blend with natural finish
(4) nice scent (I think its sakura)

I'm using it as part of my makeup routine now and also as tinted sunscreen for weekends without makeup on. 

Please refer to Fuz's video for her review on the Shu Uemura BB Beige:    Fuz's review and Shu Uemura Official website on Sakura Collection

The Sakura Collection also comes with UV under base mousse in beige and pink shade, these two shades have already launched last year, just that the bottle is limited edition (decorated with "sakura" blossoms captured by Mika Ninagawa). 


  1. I found out there is actually 3 versions of this limited sakura edition, there is BB beige, BB mid beige, and BB pink. BB beige is for a tanner skin tone (which is us) I supposed. I found out I can get hold of these at HKD$288 from HK Auctions and the pricing is quite good. But the only drawback is since it is a compressed liquid, it can only be mailed via surface mail (this time is my turn!!!) and the ETA is about 1-2 months. I guess it's ok for now so I can use it for summer?

    I ordered 2 so I may give away 1 of them to my friends :)

  2. yes, BB beige is limited shade. Glad that you can still get it:)

  3. oh it looks like the one you got is the medium beige, limited color. The one I ordered is the Beige color (I guess it's ok as I will get tanner during summer months in 1-2 months time) haha!

    Oh I just tried out the new Dior Skin foundation "Nude" that Jenny mentioned as one of her "likes" of the month of March. It's quite nice and quoting Jenny, it does feels like Skin!! Highly recommend you to try it out if you pass by a non bothering Dior counter!!!

    The new Lancome eyeshadow is great. I would imagine it's great for your everyday work make up!

    (haha I need to get myself a full time job to I can make up everyday, but with that said, I may fall into the lazy woman category??)

  4. oooh they seriously need to sell more Shu Uemura here in the US. I would totally buy EVERYTHING from them! Thank you so much for the review! Sounds like a product I need!

  5. @cutie fishball ~ beige is sheer and very natural:) Re: Dior foundation, does it compare with Lancome Teint Miracle? Hmm.. I may have to skip Lancome one 'cos I have NAKED palette already and I've to save $$$ for now (fingers crossed) can still look pretty with minimal makeup on and good skincare regime!

    @Mindy ~ you're welcome:) They have online shop, check it out:

  6. I agree with you Jie Jie! I think the Lancome eyeshadow is my last eyeshadow that I will get for now because my nice gaming friend send me a whole bunch of Japanese eyeshadows to use and I gotta finish all of them...

    but this is going to be hard because I gradually noticed less is more with my makeup... I need to find places to give away some of the brighter color makeup...

    I tested the lancome teint miracle at Sephora and I find the Dior one much lighter. You can perhaps test it out at the counter!

    oh by the way, Naked Palette is more shimmery and Lancome one is more tone down... but a Naked Palette will last you for a long long time!!!

  7. Not fair! Can't find any limited edition Shu Uemura BB foam here at all! lol

    Jiejie and Fishball: I have both tient miracle and dior skin nude and I think they are very different. Tient miracle is dwey and healthy looking, almost glamorous. Dior skin nude is very elegant and toned down. Both are very natural but tient miracle has more pink undertone and dior has more yellow undertone. Dior is also a little powdery and tient miracle is creamy.

    I think both are must haves since they look so different on the skin. =]

  8. @Cutie Fishball, blog sale maybe? Yes, I'm loving my NAKED palette (HG) and wearing it everyday.

    @Misojenny and Cutie Fishball, I'll drop by Dior counter within these few days;p

  9. oh oh try out the new Dior BB cream for me! Its Asia exclusive. Tell me what you think about it!! Post pictures of haul!!!