Friday, April 15, 2011

Special gift from Cutie Fishball ^^

Just received the 'love' package from Cutie Fishball tonight^^..

As mentioned in my previous post, Cutie Fishball is very talented in hand-made jewelry, I can see her passion in every piece of jewelry that she made.. very well-made, delicate and with love and care:) 

Please support and visit her online jewelry store at and her blog at  

I feel 'love' when I tried it on, very unique earrings with rare flower petal beads and rose quartz stones.
Another exquisite earrings with baby blue beads and freshwater pearls at the bottom.. very special^^
I will definitely wear it for work next week:)
I've been looking for makeup pouch that can fit into my purse,
Cutie Fishball made two makeup pouches just for me, thank you!!!
This is Cutie Fishball's first time making pouches.. Haha, glad that I'm the first one!   I love every details on the pouch, again well-made and very personalised.  The second one (in red flowers fabric) has my name embroided on the inside, so thoughtful :)..

Finally get my hands on The PF - Happy Booster (it is not available in Singapore yet).  The 'heart shape' blush is so adorable and it has sweet scent of violet.

The soft powder brush is just sooo cute^^ 
 The colour is so rosy with pearls shimmer and wearable :).. I feel 'love' and happy!

 My surprise was this one - Carmex!!!  I watched one of the YT gurus raving about this lip balm and been dying to get it!  I tried it on my lips and really amazing! My lips moistured instantly.

 Thank you cutie, I'm in HAPPY Mood now!


  1. Yay!!! You got it!!! I was about to ask, have you get my mail yet??? haha!!! Thank god it arrived! (As I have lost something in the mail recently...)

    Did you enjoy the doodle at the back of the package? (haha, I am reusing old padded envelops too!)

    I didn't know you will enjoy Carmex that much! Carmex actually works better on my sensitive lips so I would like you to try it too! I am not sure if Singapore has Carmex but I figure, hey why not let Jie Jie explore the joys of drugstore goodie of the US?

  2. I was wondering too^^

    The doodle? I didn't know that you draw it..its so cute:)

    Yes, I have been using it since last night. Please blog more on US drugstore products:)

  3. Yes, doodling is one of my hobby, haha! I used to draw a lot of these anime characters when I was a lot younger...

    I think certain drugstore products just work as well as high end ones, thought sometimes it's like hit and miss. But the recent Relvon eyeshadow that I reviewed is quite good too! And to make deals sweeter, I enjoyed the use of coupons and store rebates so these products are eventually close to free...

    The funny thing is I think the quality of the Revlon e/s is better than the Dior quints e/s... Dior is nice but I don't think it's worth $58... haha!

    Carmex are like $1 here... if you like, I am going to send you some more next time!! They have cherry flavored, strawberry, squeeze tube-form, tin balm form, and a twisting tube-form, I am more than happy to get those for you.

    Somehow I feel like Carmex is like a cheap version of the Kiehl's lip balm, dont you think so?

    Being unemployed, I am getting more cost conscious because I cant splurge like Fuz or Jenny...

  4. Its cute:) I also saw the animation you did for the thank you message in Jenny's video. You've the talent, ka yau ah!

    For Revlon products, I found that some new eyeshadow palettes are not yet available here in Singapore (I guess its always late by one or two seasons maybe).

    Are u sure? Carmex at $1 only? That's cheap! I have not tried the Kiehl's yet so I can't tell yet, but I think its better than burt's bees tho. Please get more when they have the discounts;p

  5. Carmex is only 97 cents at Wal-mart!! Maybe a bit over a dollar in CVS, but it feels just like the Kiehl's LIP Balm #1...

    Burt's Bee on the other hand, is $2.99, so base on the price, Carmex wins!

    I don't really see Carmex on discount, given they are soooo cheap!

    I will get you a bunch of different types next time I am going to send you something.

    Relvon release a bit later in Sg? But I assume brands like Maybelline or Revlon has Asia limited items... like the Maybelline BB cream (green packaging), we don't have this line here!