Saturday, April 9, 2011

I've got Chanel Rouge Coco Shine! Thanks Jess:)

* Rouge Coco Shine - 59 Elise (3.0g) - S$44*
Just launched on 1 April 2011!  I picked up Chanel Rouge Coco Shine (59 Elise) at Robinson department store during lunch time on the same day...     

An extract of the product descriptions:
(1) it glides over lips with all the charm and freshness of a snapshot
(2) it melt-away as a balm and its lip-embracing texture becomes fluid on contact with the lips and provides a stunning gloss effect with natural shine
(3) it has incomparable comfort of continuous 8-hour-long hydration thanks to the Hydratender complex

*First take but my handphone camera washed out the colour>.<*

*This is the closest colour, I think its pinkish-rose colour *

*Close up, isn't the colour looks so pretty??*

*The colour is sheer, in my opinion, its like tinted lip balm..*

*Tried it on my lips but the colour is a bit sheer to be seen, so I've printed the colour on a tissue paper (hope you all don't find it gloss, sorry>.<)
(1) It is creamy and moisturing and can use as lip balm
(2) The natural-looking shine and the shimmer is very very fine as compared to Shiseido Maquillage Enamel Rouge
(3) It has rose scent but not overpowering (but if you dislike rose scent then it is not for you)
(4) The sleek design of the lipstick tube and love the 'click' sound when you put the cap on  
(5) of course, the Chanel logo!

(1) lack of staying power
(2) put the cap back on carefully to avoid squashing the lipstick

There are 25 shades in the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Collection, each shade has a lovely and evocative name.  Sadly, only 20 shades are available in Singapore.  With reference to Chanel's website (, I have tried segregating the colours into: 

(1)   *Canotier #41
(2)   ~ Biarritz #42
(3)   ~ Sari d’Eau #44
(4)   *Misia #45
(5)   ~ Liberte #46
(6)   ~ Flying Claud #47
(7)   ~ Evasion #48
(8)   ~ Escale #49
(9)   ~ Rivage #50

(10) *Unique #51
(11) ~ Fetiche #52
(12) ~ Premice #53
(13) ~ Boy #54 (most raved on internet)
(14) ~ Romance #55
(15) ~ Chance #56
(16) ~ Aventure #57
(17) ~ Royallieu #58
(18) ~ Elise #59
(19) ~ Antigone #60
(20) ~ Bonheur #61

(21) ~ Monte Carlo #62
(22) ~ Rebelle #63

(23) * Cavaliere #65

(24) * Bel Ami #66
(25) ~ Deauville #67

* denotes "not available in Singapore"

It is definitely a must have item for me and will try to collect all if I could!  Which one is your favourite or have you owned? Please share:)


  1. first to comment!!! haha!

    Your kiss on the tissue reminds me of "seal it with a kiss" haha!

    Very nice lipstick, and of course, the Chanel logo makes a statement!

    Let's do some price comparison here... how much is this in Sg? I know in some department stores, they have annual friends and family even up to 25% off, that may be a good time to buy!

    I haven't own anything from Chanel. Probably because I just don't like to go shopping for cosmetics in Department stores where BA will suggest random things or Aunties will draw on your face that make me look "auntie-ish". It happened to me before at a Shiseido counter where they used a very deep black and draw a very thick brow line on me... I never want to go back to counters eversince...

    That's why I like going to Sephora. No one bugs me haha!!!

    But it's time to consider going back to Department store counters?? haha!

  2. LOL:) Yeah. Me too, this is my first Chanel product! I normally skipped those high-end cosmetics counter at the department store, those counter girls will normally give that kind of impatient face if I ask more. So for this one, I just picked the colour and go!

    Its S$44.

  3. Then I think it's slightly cheaper here. It's $32+tax. I am going to send you some "Sha-mails" that I took when I was at Nordstrom and I saw a display of the new colors when I pass by Sunday. I thought of your post when I saw those new colors!

  4. I think you are like me. I don't like to be bugged by sales girls and I prefer them to leave me alone. If I have questions I will ask for help. Sales in the US pretty much leave me alone so I am happy here :) But sales in HK just 貼身跟蹤, which I HATE... and if you don't make a purchase at the end, they give u a face... and in all kinds of sales in HK too.. so I never buy from counters in HK... and very rare in the US coz some sales at the counter are really 嬸嬸, giving me very horrible color choices at times... haha!

    So, in conclusion, I like Sephora the most!

  5. Really? Is it USD32+tax?

    I agree:) I like to browse through items alone and as long as I like^^(my favourite place is Watson and followed by Sephora)

  6. yes, check here on nordstrom website, it's $32usd, plus sales tax:

  7. I love that color!! So girlie!!! My fav!!! =]

  8. Thanks:) Cutie Fishball and MisoJenny^^