Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lunasol Summer 2011 makeup collection - part II

Just want to shout it loud that I heart Lunasol :)

After few days of 'war' in my head, I cannot withstand the temptation not to pass up EX 02, simply because of the gorgeous colours and the words "Limited Edition".  Yes, I'm a sucker for limited edition stuff, you can call me a LE woman whatever :)..

EX 02 vacation ocean 4-colour eye shadow palette

From left to right:
Main colour - Clear blue
Nuance colour - rosy pink with a hint of gold undertone
High light colour - sheer white  
Shade colour - deep blue colour (mid-night blue) 
                           with noticeable glitters (great for smoky eyes)
At first glance, I thought that the colours are not wearable for every day look.  This palette proved me wrong!  It came out that the colours are lighter than what you see from the palette.  I would say that light-handed technique is required to apply the eye shadow in order to archieve the natural ocean summer look.  In overall, this eye shadow is pigmented and pearly which gives a fantastic finishing.  Please click here for Jie Jie's review on  Lunasol EX 01 - Shelly Ocean.  EX 02 is very summer ocean feel which exactly match the summer theme.  It is a palette to die for. 

Also added to Jie Jie's inventory is Lunasol blusher, the only blusher in this Summer Collection 2011^^ (phew....luckily).
EX-02 Clear Coral Pink, 10g, S$39
It is a refill pack in a plastic compact.  I did not get the case simply to minimise storage space (good excuse to save money^^).
Soft coral pink with very fine shimmers
P/s  sadly, some letters are partially gone after few swatches (arghh...)
Last but not least, also picked up this fabulous bright rosy Lunasol nail polish.
Lunasol Nail Finish EX 30 Clear Rose (S$ 23.50 - 10ml)

I prefer applying it to toe nails as the shade is too loud for finger nails.
Hope this conclude Jie Jie's collection on Lunasol Summer 2011 for now^^ 

P/s My buddy - Cutie Fishball highlighted that Lunasol has also launched Lunasol exlusive summer kit 2011 (Japan exclusive only) in early June 2011, please click here to view the whole set of EX 03 Summer Ocean.  In Jie Jie's view, the shades are warm tone and more or less a similar version of EX 01 Shelly Ocean.


  1. Nice reviews! I haven't swatched or try on both palettes yet, because it's going to be so sad seeing the lettering go away!

    For the LE blush, would you think it's more on the pink side?

    I am also a sucker for LE items!! haha!

  2. Indeed! Lunasol should consider making the letters as permanent design for its subsequent collcetion.

    Re: Blush, I have compared it with MJ Puff de cheek, it is closer to PK301 in peach. You should get it^^

  3. perhaps they should make the same kind of impressions on their regular line for the special patterns on the eyeshadows itself.

    I wanted to get the lunasol LE blush refill only (I dont usually carry my blush out and I use my own blush brush) but imomoko sells them as a set with the case and brush.... so I dunno, I am still looking for a refill only retailer.....

    Emmm, MJ puff de Cheek....

  4. this LE Lunasol Blusher is already sold out in most places. I gave up lu....