Sunday, August 14, 2011

Yume Jewelry

Yume Jewelry is originally from Japan and it is very popular among Japanese and Taiwanese for its unique and signature design ~ personalised name/carved initial necklace.  It offers made to order necklace which is carved from either solid 925 silver, rose gold, 18k gold or 22k gold.   There are 20 types of font, 8 types of necklaces (depending on specific designs), diversified birthstones, crystals, cubic zirconia and diamonds available to create a personalised necklace.  Each order takes about 14 working days to delivery.  Thanks to cutie fishball who is very resourceful, she provided most of the information on Yume Jewelry and executed my order via her friend in Hong Kong ^.^ 

Yume Jewelry has its physical and online stores in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Germany (not sure if it has physical stores in Germany), except for Singapore (the website is not valid :S ).   Here's the link in English , take note that the rest of Yume Jewelry websites are in their respective languages.

My choice is design no.SJ063 ~ a 4-diamond line with one letter necklace 排鑽單字訂做項鍊 at HKD790 (about SGD 123).  Note that the 'diamond' is man-made stone ~ Cubic Zirconia (方晶鋯石).  I did not choose their signature designs and other oh-so-kawaii designs simply because it is not 'age appropriate' for me :).

Sample photo (extracted from Yume Jewelry Taiwan)
Each Yume product comes with a gift box, a paper carry bag, one piece of jewelry cleaning cloth and product cards ^^.

Adore the packaging...

My choice of letter is "J"

The workmanship is very exquisite and absolutely worth the money :)
It came with one year guarantee card and silver cleaning cloth, very thoughtful ^^ 
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  1. I want to hear how your coworkers responded to your new necklace!!

    and from the photos of your necklace, I have high hopes of mine with it arrives! Definitely worth the money.

    According to my friend in HK, she said you can take the warranty card and have it cleaned and maintained in Sg, so you will just need to figure out where they are?? (email the main yume store in TW maybe??)

    I am glad you like the necklace! Great choice pulling the trigger!

    and welcome back to blogging!

  2. Thanks Cutie Fishball for the support!!! (sob sob)

  3. yay you are blogging again!!! The necklace is stunning!! Take a picture with it on! I want to see it ok? <3 you

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