Monday, August 29, 2011

Jie Jie's August 2011 favourites

Hi there, I'd like to share my favourite products for this month.

(1) The Soap and Glory Cosmetics - Arch De Triumph - Made in Germany

Product description:  It is a two-step brow shading and highlighting crayon to achieve instantly beautiful eyebrows.

Jie Jie's view: I have been using the highlighter for few times, the pink tone is matte and gives instant highlights on the 'arch' of my brow naturally.  It also covers up the redness on my browbone.  No irritation noted.

(2)  Skin Food - Peach Sake T-Zone Black Gel (20g) - Made in Korea

Product description: It is a T-zone gel made with sake and peach extracts.  Helps to relieve skin troubles caused by excess sebum.  Leaves the skin around the T-zone matte and fresh.  Use before makeup, apply small amount over T-zone, avoid the eye coutour area.

Jie Jie's view:  It is a clear gel and has a pleasant peach sake scent.  Dries up in less than 10 seconds when apply.  Although it does not give me a totally shine-free T-zone but it helps my T-zone appears less shiny for at least 6 hours.  I use it daily and so far no break out noted.

(3) Kate blendzone eye shadow duo (by Kanebo) in BR-1 (1.6g) - Made in Japan

Jie Jie's view: I picked up Kate eye shadow duo from a local drugstore in Japan last August 2010.  The eye shadow is designed to be used either individually or blend together in a few swipes.  The colour pigmentation is undoubtedly good (the brown shows up in just one swatch!).  It has a buildable colour intensity noting these are neutral shades.  The shimmer is soft and not too glitterly.   No substantial fall out noted. 

Top: Light Beige
Bottom: Medium Brown with gold undertone 

Please feel free to comment and thanks for reading :)!

P/s Cutie Fishball, you're tagged to do your favourite products of the month :p !


  1. Nice reviews!

    I love the eyeshadow! But I think I have collected enough brown toned es and I am slowly moving away from es into blusher/eyeliner. I think the next thing will be a good brow pencil? who knows!

    But I think I will pick up this es next time I m in HK... I just want a compact es to travel sometimes!

  2. *High five*! I can get KATE e/s for you, Watson is having 20% off now!

  3. So glad you are doing favorites now!! <3!!