Saturday, August 13, 2011

Paul & Joe Summer Collection 2011

L'Horizon Bleu, is the Paul and Joe's theme for Summer collection 2011^^.

The collection mainly comprises of blue and brown colours, which deeply inspired by the romantic blue ocean, white sand and summer sun-light.  When I first read about this collection from other beauty bloggers, I immediately attracted by the gorgeous packaging (in pastel blue), 'twin fish' bronzer and the blue whale design makeup pouch^^. 


Eye Gloss Duo B (Limited edition) S$46 each (5.7ml)
~ 001 Smooth Sailing
~ 002 Fathom
~ 003 Depth

The eye gloss duo is a double-ended eye gloss in cream texture, give yours eyes a stunning sparkling pearl finish, reflected the soul of the sea, creating an ocean beauty for eyes.  

Eye colour B (Limited edition) S$35 each (2.1g)
~ 001 Le Midi
~ 002 Adrift
~ 003 Tranquility

As you can see that the eyeshadows are inspired by real sense of the movement of sea waves.  The eyeshadow has good pigmentation with fine shimmers, very fascinating shades.

Top: 001, 002, 003
Bottom: 001, 003
Lip Gloss B (Limited edition) S$35 each (6ml)
~ 001 L'Horizon Bleu
~ 002 Swept Away
~ 003 Sailor's Delight

You can tell from the product that it is inspired by stunning sea world and summer sun-light.

From left to right: 003, 001

Bronzer B (Limited edition)
~ 001 Seiren

This bronzer is presented in 'Twin Fish' (such an adorable design^^).  It is perfect for creating a sun-kissed look that is light and glowing.  Sadly, this bronzer is not available in Singapore which really puzzled me a lot :S!  Thanks to my buddy ~ Cutie Fishball, she helped me to order it from Hong Kong^^!

Nail Enamel (Limited edition)
~ 012 Vinyl (red)
~ 013 Bonbon (rose)
~ 014 Confetti (silver)
~ 015 Venus (Blue)
~ 016 Mediterranean (Deep blue)

Applying these fabulous nail colours, your nails and toes are going to shine like the sun on the sea, give you a teasing tropical touch! 

Beauty products
Body lotion B (Limited edition) - S$54 (200ml)

It is in gel texture and gives you the cooling sensation with a hint of zesty marine floral fragrance smell.  Definitely great for summer, keeping your skin cool, refresh and hydrated.  This is definitely a must-have lotion!

Emery Board 2011 (Limited edition in fish design)
Blotting Paper 2011 (Whale design)

And makeup organizer in cute whale design - they called it Vacances Collection 2011.  I got these two pouches - makeup organizer and small makeup pouch, as gifts with purchase!

All those photos shown above are items that I picked up. In Jie Jie's view, the must-have items are eye shadow (powder), Bronzer B and the lotion as the rest of the items are just way too shimmery for me.

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  1. haha first! I am glad that the bronzer made it there on time for your collection post! Now you have your collection set... but isnt it weird that the bronzer is not available in sg?

    I m happy that I can help you with that via my friend in HK <3

  2. Yay!! I have no regrets to get it:) Yup, it really puzzled me a lot..

  3. great you get it, because as with LE, my friend said she didnt see them in the P&J counter she got it from anymore...

  4. omg everything looks so cute!! Great buys!!!