Sunday, September 11, 2011

Maquillage - "Sealed with a Kiss"

Read from Cleo Magazine September Edition about Maquillage's new release - liquid rouge.  I was instantly attracted by the model, the concept (beautiful Chu-New-Lip) and of course, the oh-so-kawaii packaging!  It is recommended to go with Maquillage Lighting Eyes Creator and Face Creator (3D) in order to create the "Sealed with a Kiss" Makeup Look. 

Items that I got are:
Maquillage Lighting Eyes Creator - VI342 - S$65

From left to right - Ivory gold, light purple, grayish-brown and light blue (frosty)

① - Brightening Base
②- Clear Sumptous Color
③- Accentuating Shadow
④ - Shimmery Pearl

Spread ① over the entire eyelid.
Apply ② over the sockets.
Apply ③ from the outer and inner corners towards the center, along the hollow of the eyes.

For elegant sheen look
Apply ④ pearl powder over the entire upper eyelid with the brush to achieve a refined sheen.

For glamorous luster look
Dab ④ pearl powder on the center of the lid with your fingertip to create a glamorous luster.
Product description:
A gel-type eye shadow palette from Spring 2011 collection.  Each palette has four colors that creates two different looks - elegant sheen and glamorous luster.  Use the "Shimmery Pearl" on the right of the compact to create different radiant looks to suit all occasions.  The shimmer powder is coated in fine gel beads that maintain color and shine.

Available in:

Jie Jie's view:
It is in soft tone and the shades are very light (as you can see from the swatches).  All shades come with shimmery, especially ④ which has visible glitters.  Pigmentation, as compared to Lunasol is slightly below expectation.  My preference will be ② and ③ for more wearable every day look.  Really like the combination of light purple and grayish-brown that creates the dimension as illustrated in Maquillage website  Maquillage's illustration on Lighting Eyes Creator.  In Jie Jie's view, you can skip this palette if you have the similar colors or prefer more intense colour than natural, or you are not a fan of Maquillage (I do agree that the palette is pricey).  For me, I definitely love this palette although it is shimmery, I just need to apply with a light hand and mix with other matte eye shadow to create an acceptable office look :).
My next pick would be BE313 or PK354 :).

Next will be the highlight of this post - the new liquid rouge!

Liquid rouge (6g) - S$43
The applicator is sponge-tip wand

RS 794 - Blush Rose
The applicator is sponge-tip wand
Product description:
It is a essence glamorous rouge which has gel silicon in it. It has this bounce hold effect to create plumping and gloosing veil (to cover rough and uneven patches).  Non-fragrance.

It has 6 colours available, from natural to glamorous shade:
BE 790 Nude Glamour Beige
RD 791 Harmonious Red
OR 292 Tint Coral
PK 393 Hot Pink (highly recommended shade)
RS 794 Blush Rose (Jie Jie's pick)
RS 595 Rouge Rose

Do check out the commercial video on Liquid Rouge - Chu-New-Lip!  and for intepretation of chu-new-lip.

Jie Jie's view:
It is tinted lip gloss and really creates the plumping effect.  It is moisturing and this liquid rouge has very fine shimmers which is unnoticeable.  The staying power is satisfactory but with slight stickiness on my lips after a few drinks. 

In Jie Jie's view, you should try it, considering the unique packaging and plumping effect.  My next pick would be RD791 or RS 595 :).

I also picked up Maquillage lip liner as I have finished up Revlon color-stay lip liner.

Refill - RD563 - S$24
Lipliner holder - S$29 with lip brush

Product description:
It is a long-wearing lip liner to sculpt your lips beautifully.  It lasts for 6 hours.

Jie Jie's view:
The shade matches my lip tone well.  It glides on smoothly and does not dry my lips.  It is long lasting, same as Revlon's one.  I know, some would probably say it is pricey for a lip liner.  In Jie Jie's view, it is refillable (the refill is S$24) as compared to Revlon lip liner which is about S$19 plus.  I would definitely repurchase it.   

Feel free to comment and thanks for reading :)!


  1. so pretty!! I love soft purples!!! Great post JJ!!! You must collect them all!!!

  2. Thanks Jenny<3! LOL...I hope to collect all but I'm under tight budget:)

  3. I got RS 595 but I havent use it yet. I am wondering if PK 393 or BE790 is worth checking out too... (but I think PK 393 maybe too sheer on me?)

  4. You have the RS595? Please try it and let me know:).. I would think PK393 is a bit too sheer. Let me try it at the counter and let you know soon:)

  5. Yes I have RS 595 and I just posted a blog about it today. I love it. Looks very deep on the applicator but goes on nicely on my lips. And I love the lip plumping effect... never seen my lips so full.

    Even if PK 393 is sheer, there are times I dont want to have a very deep colored lipstick.

    I love this range and I am considering to haul more when my next project comes! (spend too much in September for the other girls!)

  6. I have swatched PK393 at the counter and it is sheer, BE790 suit you better, I think:)

  7. if PK 393 is sheer, perhaps I can use a lip concealer underneath? I still plan to get BE 790, RD 791 and PK 393 later. I really love the lip plumping effect!

  8. Yes you can and get it. I'm loving this lip gloss so much ^^ and planning to get more during Metro sale:)