Friday, September 9, 2011

Mask of the day - It's tea time!!

Spotted this mask at Guardian Store near my place last week :)

Earl Grey Tea and Macaron Sheet Mask (One box comes with 2 pieces) - S$3.60 at Guardian Store

Product description:
A brightening pearl mask which helps to illuminate and clarify the face in a 20-minute treatment. Each mask has 23ml of ingredients such as sweet yeast extract, bergamot essential oils, citrus fruits extract (orange and lemon), essence from sweet almond, egg whites and cane sugar and others. Tea protects and perfects skin's whiteness whereas macaron enriches with a translucent brightness. It also contains fragrance.

Jie Jie's view:
I bet no one could resist the packaging, it is absolutely cute and gives you the feel of having elegant afternoon tea! The mask really smells like citrus tea. Just leave it on for about 15 to 20 mins, remove it and pat dry. I normally wait for about one hour or so, then rinse it off with water ('cos the essence had already absorbed into my skin). I can feel that my skin is supple with slight brightening effect. No irritation noted. Thumbs up and must try :)!

MBD Chocolate Truffle Sheet Mask will be next :)


  1. This is my favorite masks too! Though the mask itself is very thin, but I find it has more fluids than the regular line... I love this!!!

  2. And love the scent too:) I feel more relaxed.

  3. u are lucky they are so readily available in sg... here everything is expensive and i am using masks only once per week becoz of the limited stocks I have!