Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blushers and highlighter

Watson is currently having 20% off cosmetics products such as KATE, Canmake, MJ, Revlon etc.  I have been eyeing Canmake and Kate for the last two weeks:

  1. Canmake highlighter
  2. Canmake cheek and cheek 
  3. Kate cheek colour

Canmake highlighter in 05 baby beige - S$11.92 (retail price: S$14.90)

Product description:  It is a highlighter to correct your skin colour so as to keep a healthy glow and bright transparency all day.  The micropowder is smooth and just one swift stroke to complete your finished makeup.

Jie Jie's view: It is beige in pink and pearl undertone.  The texture is soft and blend easily into my skin, it turns out naturally and growy.  I use it with a light hand on my T-zone and dab a bit under eyes area.  The staying power is so so and definitely have to re-touch up for a night out.

Canmake cheek and cheek in 01 Candy Flower - S$15.12 (retail price: S$18.90)

Product description:   Flower-like colors.  The high-color shades will make it look as though your cheeks are suddenly flushed with happiness.  The moist powder clings tightly to your cheeks.  Use the two shades cleverly to make your face look smaller.  It can be used a layer over the top if you are using cream cheek as a base, to make the color last even longer! 

4 shades are available:
01 Candy Flower
02 Rose Tiara
03 Gerbera Kiss
04 Love Blossom

Jie Jie's view:  The blusher is in baby pink and girlish orange, reminds me of Jill Stuart blusher.  The name of the blush is adorable too.  Good pigmentation.  Definitely have to apply with a light hand to avoid looking like a barbie doll.

Left: Baby pink
Right:  Orange
(Sorry that my hp camera wash out the colours by one tone lighter)

Kate cheek colour (by Kanebo) - OR-1 - S$17.60 (retail price: S$22.00)

Product description: 2 shades of cheek color with a rounded brush for a soft chiseled finish.
4 shades are available:

Jie Jie's view:  I love the neutral peach and beige when I tested it on my hand (see photo below).  The texture is soft and not too shimmery.  Good pigmentation.  The combination of peach and beige is a perfect mix for a natural glow to the cheeks :).  The small kabuki brush is soft as it is made of horse hair!   I'm really impressed with Kate blusher, definitely a good buy!

Please share your thoughts if you have tried it before, thanks for reading :)!


  1. I have the same Kate blusher with the same color. Ritsue sent it to me a while ago. I am impressed with the softness of the brush, while Ritsue asked me once why does the included brush in Western brand blushers are so tough on the face! I have no good answers but to tell her to swap the crappy US brush away with her Japanese ones.

    The canmake one definitely reminds me of JS, minus the shimmers and highlight. Definitely a good buy!

    Did you get any base products/brow products?

  2. Lol.. I normally don't use the brush but KATE's brush is really of good quality!

    I might get Canmake Marshmallow
    Finish Powder ( new release!). For brow product, I'm using Soap & Glory Arch De Triumph, love it:)!

  3. never used Kate before but I really want to try more Canmake stuff! Great buys JJ!! Btw did you get my package yet??

  4. Someone has got me a canmake marshmallow powder. But I already read it has some shimmers in it too.... so I wonder.... hee!

  5. @Cutie Fishbal, I just got it, will post it soon :)!

  6. wow, is it me or you are splurging again these days?