Sunday, March 6, 2011

Majolica Majorca (MM) - Spring Collection 2011 Sugary Trap

Macaroon, anyone??

My first haul for March 2011 ^_^ 

Ok, I admit it again and it's all Fuz's fault (lol), I bought MM Puff de Cheeks in Peach(PK301), Apricot (OR 302) and Strawberry (PK 303 limited edition).  Their products are in 'macaroon' shape, the cheeks colours are so sweet ♥ and adorable !!!  It is a sugary trap and you can't resist the colours!  But I missed out #82 Vanilla Macaron (limited edition)'cos I couldn't find it at Watson store :'( could be sold out I think.. 

Also picked up Pressed Face Powder (in limited edition case), I read the product details that it is beauty powder that can reduce shine and greasiness, it also looks a bit fair to me, but love the case tho... I can't wait to try it out tomorrow.

Sorry, photos are not available as I'm having problems in uploading :( 

I also bought the skin lingerie pore cover last few days ago before Sugary Trap colletion came out, it has smooth finish and easily absorb onto my skin, I'm still testing this product and will update the result soon ^^

Next item on my list will be Lash Expander Frame Plus BR666 Chocolate Brown (limited edition) and Vanila Macaron (limited edition)^^

Latest update 8/3/11:
Oh my gosh... just went to Watson store at Wisma Atria, the mascara BR666 are all gone :( same for the blush..  [Ok, I managed to grab one at another watson store!!!]


  1. I WANT (<--scream!) the Lash Expander Frame Plus in BR 666 too!!!! But the only way to get it is from Ebay, which is about $21 plus shipping... so I am still holding off!

    Can I trade a CVS here for a Watson's over there??? haha! Watson's is such a good place to shop now that they have loads of Japanese drugstore now, I am jealous!!!!

    Are the MJ's puff de cheeks a bit sheer as some bloggers have reported?

    girl I am so jealous...

    oh about my necklace in my post, I will be posting them on etsy soon^^

  2. LOL, ya Watson does carry quite a lot Japanese drugstore products:D but not many American brands such as NARS, I want NARS badly (after watching Fuz's video on Warm Weather products essentials!!! I'll swatch it soon 'cos the they are so adorable that I did't swatch it yet ;p

    Your jewelry is awesome :D Jia You!

  3. Haha, I can send u NARS sometime! (haha, trade me with boon tung kee! kidding!) NARS has some box sets coming out in Sephora a few weeks ago! But it's strange the Sg Sephora doesn't carry NARS. But do your Sephora have the annual 20% off friends and family event?

    Oh does your local Watsons carry that MJ brown mascara?

    I have been slow on Jewelry lately... I used to produce much more, haha!

  4. Really??? I've been eyeing on NARS for so long, especially the NARS eye primer... Sephora keeps saying they will be bringing in NARS since last year till now.. no news at all! No 20% off, but only the SGD40 voucher if we spent more than $240 (roughly).

    Re; MJ Brown mascara, are you referring to the sugary trap collection or the permanent items? I think they do.

    Look forward to it:D

  5. but spending $240S is ridiculous amount of money!!! That's quite a lot!

    Sephora had a mini sale this time of the year last year for 15% off...

    I am using Urban Decay primer and it's ok :) So how have you been getting ur NARS product?

    I can send over some if you really want them!

    the MJ Brown Mascara, it's the so called "Limited Edition" one. My friend in HK spotted them in Wastons, so makes me really wonder if their limited edition items that "limited" or just a gimmick to make ppl buy more? haha! Regardless I have asked her to pick me up one next time she pass by...

  6. Ya, agreed:D.. I guess different stores operate differently..

    Re: NARS, yes, I definitely want NARS (eye primer) and other products which are not available in Singapore, I will accumulate the list and let you know soon if you don't mind ;D oh, you can also let me know which products (especially Maquillage) that you wish to get.

    Re: MJ Brown Mascara, I guess its the colour (brown) that is LE. I just bought MJ Black Mascara this morning just to test (god, please stop me from spending anymore ;D)..

  7. Jie Jie, pls feel free to email me your list and I can grab some NARS for you :) It's quite surprising to me as I thought sg carries a lot of American brands!

    Did you get the lengthening kind or the volumizing one for your mascara? The volumizing one kind of suck according to a friend of mine, she said it's gross like pulling hairs out from the tube.... but I love the lenghtening one, tho removing the mascara takes some work at night tho....

    Did you get your mascara from Watson's? that's sooo convenient!

    Are you planning to get the brown mascara?

  8. I just read your update, the BR 666 is gone? Is someone secretly following our discussion here and knows we want it bad? Then went out to all the Watsons in SG and bought out all the stock!!! NO~~~

  9. Sure sure:D The list is in progress;p

    I got the lash expander:D BK999 and Lash gorgeous wing neo as well. In fact BK999 also the same, its black fibers..

    Yup, my office building has Watson so I normally hit Watson store first before heading to my office (lol)

    Guess what? I managed to GRAB the last BR666 (LE) in chocolate brown during lunch today!!!!! So excited and can't wait to try it tomorrow!!!!

  10. Oh you grab the last BR 666! I am jealous! haha! Tell me how you think when you apply it tomorrow!

    so both lash expander and lash gorgeous wing neo has fibers? The fibers are what my friend hated the most.... the one I am using doesnt seem to be giving me much fibers strangely... but I am perfectly fine with it...

  11. Yes! I love love the lash expander so much:D.. The effect likes I'm wearing false eyelashes, natural..

  12. oh.... you prompting me to get them, regardless of how much it cost!