Saturday, September 22, 2012

Naruko Pro Derma Series

Hi there it's September 2012!  Hope you have a wonderful day ahead... I'm motivated to write a review about Naruko products.

This review is long overdue as I was trying to gather my thoughts about some Naruko products which I have tried so far.

Naruko's Derma Pro Series
Naruko Derma Pro Series is designed for semi-matured skin.  It has special anti-wrinkle ingredients (“Peptide-6 and 8) and hyaluronic acid, vitamins and amino acids.  These ingredients help to prevent aging and smooth out fine lines.  I got the whole set at a package price of S$84.11 from Naruko Singapore Official Website last year.

1. Multi-peptide Firming Serum – 30ml

This serum is formulated with five potent peptides:
  • Peptide-3 work with collagen to repair the skin
  • Peptide-4 strengthens skin’s natural defense and slows aging
  • Peptide-5 firms and tightens skin, improving skin’s elasticity
  • Peptide-6 reduces and prevents fine lines around the eyes
  • Peptide-8 anti-wrinkle
When apply, it absorbs into my skin pretty well.  My skin felt more supple and hydrated.  I prefer this serum than the Narcissus serum (read my review Naruko Narcissus Review Part II ).  It is fragranceless so no funny smell at all.  As for the firming effect, I have not seen the result yet.  I have only used up one bottle so it is way too early to conclude if the firming effect is working.

The small bottle on left was a free sample that came with Derma Pro Series.  It is a fluid-gel type serum which helps to brighten and improve firmness of the skin.  Well, the consistency is identically the same as the Multi-peptide Firming Serum.  I did not see any brightening effect on my skin so far.  I would not recommend getting the brightening serum.  The Multi-peptide Firming Serum works way better than the brightening serum.

2.  Peptide Wrinkle Smooth Mask – 60g  

This clay mask aims at improving firming effects.  Formulated with peptide and hyaluronic acid, it helps to smooth fine lines, wrinkles and deeply moisture dry skin.  With regular use, collagen is promoted and the complexion glows with health, hydration and youth.
Sadly, I only used it once.  This mask did not work out for me.  At first use, it irritated my skin with redness showed up on my cheeks and chin area. I also exerienced slight itchiness as well  Luckily, it did not make my skin worsen.

My comment is always test the product on small part of your face to see if there is any irritation, eventhough the product says it suits all skin type.
3. Peptide hydrating Souffle – 50ml

This souffle provides immdiate effect to dry, aging skin.  It rapidly restores firmness, diminishes the visibe signs of aging and rejuvenates youthfulness to the skin.  Apply to skin twice daily after cleansing and toning, massage into skin with a slow upward motion until absorbed.

The texture is 'bouncy' like tofu and also rich in consistency.  However, I have to take ‘extra’ effort to scoop the product out and also extra time to make it fully absorb into my skin.  It dried pretty well leaving a slight stickiness feel to it.  So far no irritation noted.  Due its richness in consistency and hot and humid weather here, I can only use it sparingly.  I would not recommend this product to oily and combination skin type.

Thanks for reading and have a good weekend ahead!

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