Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Makeup Routine - March 2011

I'd like to share my makeup routine for work (which takes around 15 minutes or less).


I use either Lancome La Base Pro or L'oreal Base Magique, depending on my skin condition in the morning.  Lancome is currently my favourite for its easy-to-absorb and smoothness. 

Lancome Teint Miracle (in PO-03) or
Revlon color stay (180 Sand Beige) + Revlon Photoready (008 Golden Beige)

Revlon in Golden Beige is a bit too dark for my skin tone so I have to mix it with Sand Beige to even out the shade.     

Follow up with either Lancome Loose Powder or Laneige Snow Crystal Powder or MJ powder.  My favourite is Lancome Loose Powder which gives sheer and natural finish.

 Then MAC Rose Ole highlight powder if I have extra time:).


Eye primer:
Paul & Joe eye color primer in 03.
Using either Estee Lauder Signature Silky eyeshadow palette or Smash box eyeshadow Trio - head shot.
As you can see, I love using Smash box head shot as I have hit the pan ^-^!!

I use Canmake eyelash curler, follow by mascara using either Revlon Grow Luscious or MJ Lash Expander in chocolate brown.  I will do my eyebrow using Rimmel Professional Eye Brow in 004 black brown.  Needless to say, MJ Lash Expander is my most liked for its long-lasting wear.

Either MJ blush in peach or Shiseido Maquillage 3 D face creator in 66 (or both for highlights). Again, Shiseido Maquillage wins ^-^.

Revlon color stay lip liner in Nude.  Nude is definitely a perfect match for my lip tone! This is my 3rd Revlon lip liner, it is VERY long lasting and stay on for the whole day.

Lip colour will be either Shiseido Maquillage in RD 387 or Revlon Lustrous Lipstick in Ginger Rose + MAC Lustre Sinister. 
These are the makeup products that I've used the most as at 25 March 2011 ^-^.  

Now, what's your makeup routine like? Please share :)  


  1. Nice routine! my makeup routine changes do often haha i really want to try the Shiseido Maquillage 3 D face creator!

  2. @Eva - yup.. I know ;p.

    @Mindy - thanks dear:)

  3. wow! Nice routine review!!! And only 15 minutes? You are quick!!! haha!!!

    Are you going to do a skincare routine too?

  4. haha:) yes, practice makes perfect:D and I skip the eye lining (which killing my time).

    Yes, yes skin care will be next!

    Hey, you're tagged to do the makeup routine:)!

  5. my makeup routine???? shoot.... but I will do it, just for you! heehee!

    I need at least 20 minutes. That's with the eyeliner part. I have recently got the dollywink liquid eyeliner in our local asian grocery place (comes out to be over $19 after tax....) but it's like a million times better than the NARS one...

    The NARS liner is good but then the tip gets dried up and it's hard to apply... and I get really frustrated with it...

  6. Dolly wink eye liner is on my wish list :'(, must have item recommended by Fuz!!

  7. so, eyeliner (Dolly Wink) and mascara (MJ) have been found. I still need to find my perfect foundation and lippies!