Monday, March 14, 2011

My very first blog subscriber - Cutie Fishball !

Cutie Fishball, is my 1st blog subscriber^-^ She is a very very nice lady and talented in handmade jewellery:D 

Here's her cutie blog and earrings which she specially designed and made for Fuz (awesome YT guru)!!

Cutie Fishball, stay cutie and jia you ^-^


  1. Oh I am sooooooo flattered now.

    Ok, now you are my next target, going to send you something :) Do you have a craving for anything I make? Earrings? Pouches? any favorite color or materials?

    Let me know!

  2. I love the blue earrings that u made for Fuz :D.... Maybe I will request for custom made pouches in the future..

  3. oh what kind of a pouch you want? tell me more about what you like and I will put together something special for jie jie!

  4. I'm looking for makeup pouch (draw string) which can into my purse. The concept and design will be something lke Paul & Joe Spring it:D Sorry to trouble you and let me know the cost ya..

    Btw, I just bought MJ Limited Edition Mascara and MJ Peach blush for you, hope you have not ordered yet:p

  5. do you have a picture of Paul and Joe spring 2011? I haven't been following P&J (other than the ones that Fuz have been using)

    So you want a drawing string pouch? for makeup?? around what size?

    Show me some pictures so I can "study" and come up with something!

    wawa, you already got me those!!! I am super flattered. I haven't order them yet, coz I was thinking of the Maquillage you tempted me lately! I was checking it out and they have 14 colors total!!! damn... I have a hard time choosing since it's hard to look at the colors one!

    so far i narrowed down into 5 colors... and some of them do look alike from online!!!

    Please let me know which NARS product u want to get too... I am hoping Sephora will have a mini sale (15%) off soon (they had one this time last year)

  6. I was actually planning to make something cute like Fuz's phone case (felt) for you, and when I googled the P&J spring 2011 images I think you are looking for some flowery girly patterns?

    I was also planning to make u earrings too~~

    we can chat more on what you want to do for your pouch :)

  7. and I forgot to ask, what is your favorite color for earring?

  8. Its ok.. I treat this as giveaway for my first subsriber (LOL).. just kidding.. I will send you email about the details:p

  9. ok, let's email!

    I just wanted to share my crafts to people that appreciate the love and care I put into each piece. So as long as my crafts find a good home, I am happy :)