Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shiseido Maquillage Rouge Enamel Glamour

After reading Fuz's review on Shiseido Maquillage Rouge Enamel Glamour, my mind is full of Maquillage x100 that I really can't wait to leave the office the soonest the possible.. After work, I went straight to Maquillage counter and quickly picked up PK 744 (latest colour for spring 2011) and RS 754.

Top -PK744, bottom - RS754 (2 in 1 with lip colour on the right and lip gloss on the left)

NO kidding!! I fall in love with Maquillage instantly, now I know why Fuz likes the product so much!!!

The colour is so pretty and it glides on smoothly on my lips, no funny smell whatsoever!! This is my ideal colour^^ No words can describe it!

The lip gloss applicator is made of soft plastic, the gloss is nice with the right amount of shimmer (which I like). I'm not a fan of lip gloss in the past 'cos I dislike sticky feel on my lips. From now on, I will start using lip gloss and Maquillage is my new make up 'baby'.. :D


  1. Oh I am jealous! The only way to get Maquillage here is to order it online. I have been thinking of RD252, RD733 or BE759... I can't decide.

    How much are the lippies in SG?

    For the Physician's Formula blushes, i haven't opened them yet because I am giving them away as presents... and yes the packaging is really cute. I looked at swatches that other ppl made and they seem to be quite pigmented and it has a smell that claims to make ppl happy!!

    You can see the swatches here:

  2. I didn't know that there are no Maquillage counters in US. The retail price is S$43 and not sure how much on line. The packaging is adorable too.. ^_^

    Ya, I read the reviews from YT gurus and really tempted to get it... Physician's Formula is not available in SG :(... Are Physician's Formula's products good?

  3. Jie Jie-

    Are you familiar with Bobbi Brown's shimmer bricks? PF has a shimmer brick similar to BB's and I tried them before getting the BB and actually they are quite similar... and PF's shimmer brick is made in Italy too! Their quality is quite good!

    the Maquillage lipgloss doesn't come cheap... it's going to cost more online so I better find the shade i really like and order one after i find out.... sigh, why does Japanese cosmetics need to be so expensive and hard to get in the US?

  4. I know! No Maquillage in US =[ So sad!

    Haha, and yes Fuz influences me to buy so much stuff.

    I want to get the Maquillage lip glosses!!! lol

  5. @Cutie Fishball - I have not used Bobbi Brown products before, but I heard from Bubzbeauty that it is a great product as it creates natural grow on your cheeks. It is also on my "waiting list" (LOL) but I'm more tempted to get those products recommended by Fuz ^_^!!
    @MisoJenny - me too!! She is awesome (thumbs up)

  6. oh my gosh~ hahah i also saw the Fuz post on these lippies! Fuz influences EVERYONE, including me. tehehe can you swatch them?

  7. @MisoJenny: Yes! I wish we have quality Japanese makeup in CVS or Walgreens! Or a chance to swatch them like Japanese drugstores right?
    I wanted to try Maquillage lippies as 2 of the colors really got me, but I just did a haul... can't afford to be spending so much... maybe saving it up for my next haul as they dont come that cheap...

    @Jie Jie: actually I like to use shimmer bricks as eye shadow more the cheeks... if you go a little heavy handed on your cheeks, you will look funny! I can send you a PF if you want to try out, since they have a deal in drugstore recently.... just let me know!

  8. @Popcorn - thanks for the 'follow':D.. I did swatch them but photos are not cleared 'cos I'm using mobile phone. Anyway, I'll to upload it.

    @Cutie Fishbal- lol ya maybe:D. Re:PF, thanks and I will let you know 'cos I have lots of products to try.. Btw, Re:Maquillage, is the price cheaper than online, I can send to you as well:D

  9. Jie Jie- Let me know, since PF is running a deal at our drugstore, so it's not really anything :) You can repay me with a plate of Boon Tung Kee Chicken Rice? (kidding!)

    Have you swatch ur Maquillage lippies yet?

    These lippies are going to be on my wishlist and I am still looking around for the MJ brown mascara too!! (Ebay has them for about $21 USD +shipping)

  10. @Cutie Fishball - LOL... sure.. how did you know Boon Tung Kee? I will try to swatch it in few days..

  11. How did I know Boon Tung Kee? My aunt said that's the number one chicken rice shop in Sg and everytime I am in Sg, she gotta take me there la!

    But another gaming friend of mine said Loy Kee is better... so I gotta try that next time...

  12. Ya:) in fact, you should also try the chicken rice at hawker centre, they are equally delicious and cheaper than Boon Tung Kee:D.

  13. I did try the one in hawker center, and another one on the top floor of Far East center at the end of orchard road(?) and i also like the hokkien spring rolls (popiah?) and char kay teow from hawker center... emm, also satay club too (but sad it's no longer there)

    Shaved ice kajang is not bad for the weather in Sg, but i do enjoy a cup of pulled milk tea sometimes...

    enough food said... haha!