Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Maquillage Rouge Enamel Glamour - follow up

I picked up RD 387 when I went shopping today :D The colour is a bit darker than RS754 and PK744. I choose RD387 'cos I like lip colour that can match my lip tone (I have darker lip tone).

~ RD 387 ~
~ From left to right - RD387, RS754, PK744 ~
~ with gloss on ~
I've decided to use the demo image from Maquillage website to show a better colour.  In my view, different people has different lip tone and skin tone so lip colour might show up differently.

~ PK 744 ~

~ RD 387 ~

~ RS 754 ~
I have also downloaded the video demo from Maquillage to demonstrate the correct way to apply.

~ Please click on the timeline if the video doesn't play ~

* Use correct amount to apply and spread the colour from center quickly and evenly.  The colour will dry up (like a stain so as to give long lasting effect) in less than one minute or so.  For me, I will use tissue to lightly remove the excess to even out the colour  :D.   Based on the instruction from Maquillage, you'll need to hold for one minute without rubbing, to seal in the colour effectively.. 
**Then apply the gloss, start from the center and spread outwards.  The counter lady said we should dab and avoid spreading so that the colour will show better..   I 've tried that by spreading, the gloss looks more even and natural whereas dabbing, your lips will look glossy and shiny (with 3D effects :D). It depends on individual preferences tho... 

(1) Colour is wearable and stays long well.
(2) The package is unique, adorable and convenient (2 in 1).
(3) No funny smell.
(4) May be able to finish it without wasting it :D (see (7))  

(5) The lip colour cannot be wore alone 'cos your lips will look very very dry, hence must go with the lip gloss.  I would recommend using a clear lip gloss for everyday wear 'cos the lip colour has a bit shimmery in it. 
(6) Must use oil-based makeup remover to remove it. Water-based makeup doesn't work at all!
(7) The price (SGD 43) may be out of budget for some ladies - lip colour weight at 2.1g and lip gloss is 3.8g. A full size lip stick may range from 3.5g to 4.2g whereas full size lip gloss may be about 4.8g or more.

Well, grab it if you like it!!!


  1. wow, thanks for the indepth review! Too bad the videos doesn't load for me....

    I think it's a bit pricey still, and that you mention the weights of the product.... but it's convenient on the go!

    But I will still get one to try out, PK 744 looks like a nude lip look that I want to try! (I am into nude lips these days, and I have been using Canmake nudy lip gloa)

    I think RD387 is the popular staple color of their line or something!

    Do you wear a base under your lipstick like a moisturizing lip balm?

  2. Ya, RD387 is wearable but maybe a bit darker for you if you have lighter lip tone..

    Nope, I didn't use any lip base 'cos I find that the lip colour won't last long..maybe I was wrong:D?

  3. I still like nuder colors... I am afraid of bold lip colors.... I will perhaps get in my next beauty haul in a few weeks.... (coz I am still going through the big haul u saw in my blog) and I feel guilty spending so much!!!! lolz.... trying to be good for a little bit...

  4. agree:D I also spent a lot lately..have to avoid watching Fuz's video maybe:p

  5. how can you stop watching Fuz's videos? It's impossible... I guess it's better to spend $$ on products that she recommend over some random things we see in the shop? (haha an excuse for us to buy more!)

    I think I maybe hauling again in a few weeks or so, heehee

  6. Ya, I know I can't.. In fact, I always in happy mood when I watch her videos...

    Ya, I do checkout your posts evryday and love it especially the handmade phone pouch!!! Hmm.. I don't have other talents tho:( Jia You ;D

  7. These are pretty!! Love the packaging!